Thanksday #59

Look! Thanksday has it’s own special graphic now. And for no other reason than I  like to have visual aids with my points. If I thought you’d like it, I’d make a PowerPoint presentation and insert it into here.

But I loathe PowerPoint.

There’s not going to be much more of an intro here than this, and sorry about that. I stayed up until like 11 o’clock PM last night finishing this post, and had such a fun and witty (I thought) intro all written. (Uninteresting side note: sometimes I have the actual thankfuls written sporadically throughout the week, then I just wrap it up with an intro last.) (‘Cuz y’all were on the edge of your seats wondering how all this ridiculocity comes together.) I scheduled the post to go live at 6:30 am. So what happens when I get up at 6:30 am? The earlier version, incomplete, posted. With all sorts of random nonsensicals.

So now I’m a typing fool trying to remember what last-minute edits I made and republish this bad boy before y’all get yer lazy bums outta bed. (The things I do for the five of you.)

Thankfuls for this week!

1. H&M. I finally have been inaugurated into the H&M experience. Where have I been? Oh, that’s right. In the mountains. Needless to say, I got some super-cute things for Jaana for spring, and one floral-trend-inspired shirt for me. Which Greg hates and says looks like one of his grandmother’s shirts. Which means it’s fab-u-locity.

2. Kindred Spirits. I love when God brings friends into your life that leave you encouraged, edified and uplifted. And understood. And not alone. I had some time with that friend recently, and I’m always amazed at how much God loves us to continue to cross our paths time and time again. It leaves me with a heightened sense of anticipation about what might be to come in the future.

3. Nail Polish. Now that it’s 80-degrees (practically), I’ve officially switched out my boots for my spring and summer shoes. All of which are open-toed and all of which require a pedicure. I’ve yet to go professionally get the situation taken care of, so I’m DIY-ing it. My most recent polish selection was shimmery turquoise color. Which Greg hates. But we can’t live life keeping our husbands in a polish rut, can we? We’ve got to keep them on their toes. Literally.

4. Spring. Lots to be thankful for and happy about with this new season upon us, and you can read about all that here.

5. Veggie Tales Live. Paxton has just recently discovered the joy that is Bob and Larry. He knows almost all the silly songs by heart, and has certain favorites that we all know by heart now. (Cue His Cheeseburger and The Water Buffalo Song.) So when we found out that Veggie Tales Live was coming to our area, we did what every family does on every Palm Sunday – took them to the show. He truly had no idea what he was walking in to. I think in his little mind it was basically a Veggie Tales movie.

See? Watching the video screens, saying ‘cheese’ to I don’t know who.

But when Bob and Larry strolled out larger than life, my little dude gasped loudly and said, “Iss Larry! Iss Bob!” And proceeded to have the time. of. his. life. Anytime Larry or Bob left the stage, he was up in arms about whether or not they’d be back. The suckers that we are, Greg bought him a stuffed Larry, and it goes everywhere with him and Elmo. And Jaana’s nightgown of choice is her oversized Larry t-shirt.

I’m just ready to stop going to bed and waking up in the mornings with Love My Lips on my lips.

6. Highlights. I made the blessed mistake of going darker on my hair at my last visit. For some reason, I’ve been all worried about turning 39, and do I look like I’m trying to hard with blonder highlights? and I don’t even know what my real color is anymore. And while the darker blonde hid the grow-out very well, it just didn’t feel like me. And I kept using blonde-enhancing shampoo to lighten it up. At my most recent visit (6 weeks overdue, might I add), I went back to my regular blonde.

Because I had this epiphany – if Kelly Ripa and Gwenyth Paltrow can have blondie-blonde hair and be my age, then sure as heck I can too.

And as Hair Guy removed the towel and shook out my hair, I just heaved a sigh of joy and relief and literally said out loud, “Welcome home!” And now all my bright colored clothes (three tops…it’s not like I have green skinny jeans or anything like that.) (Yet.) look normal on me once again. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was so bad?? And you call yourselves friends. Sheesh.

7. Easter. Christy Nockels said it best on Twitter this week: “I love Easter! It’s all about Jesus but no mad rush at the malls to buy presents. We get to just face the wonder of our risen Lord & rejoice.” I can’t add or take away anything from those 140 characters that could make it better. Jesus is everything. I do everything for Him and nothing without Him. If He isn’t your personal Lord and Savior – the Giver of All Good Things in your life – the Breath of Heaven to your very tired, weary and worn out soul – you need to contact me and I’ll help you make that happen.

(Shameless plug alert: And if you live in my community and don’t have a home church, please come to Community Bible Church at 10:45 am on Easter morning! Amazing programs for the kids, and I can tell you personally (‘cuz I’m in the choir), the worship is going to rock. your. face. off.)

8. WordPress. The enormously long saga of switching to WordPress is finally (FINALLY!) complete. (And I just heard a collective, “Thank God now we can stop hearing about it across the world wide web.”) Oh my word, I’m so happy.

9. Laughing Until I Cry. Y’all, I read this post at like 6:45 am one morning and was laughing so hard, and crying from laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe or see. Maybe because it’s something my friends and I would do. Maybe it’s just something I would do. Whatevs.

10. Tickling Myself. (Not literally. Ew.) I just discovered on this here WordPress that I can give each of the links to other sites personalized titles. Hover over any of the links above to see. I make myself chuckle. A lot. It’s the little things, people. Or as I like to say, “ITLTP.” (Okay, I don’t really like to say that.)

And let me add a bonus thankful, just for missing last week:

11. Babies. People I adore have welcomed babies into their families this week! So exciting and fun for them. Two baby girls. God is so good.

Another bonus, just ‘cuz I’m feeling extra chipper:

12. The Von Trapp Family Bloggers. Greg has officially launched blog, and has had some great posts already. His focus is on leadership, and I for one, am proud of him for getting out there! (Just don’t muscle in on my followers, or you’re swimmin’ wit da fishes.)

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’s a lot more fun than PowerPoint. And that’s a fact, jack.

Does this resonate with you?

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