Originally, this page was titled “Aboot.” (That’s Canadian for “about.”) But it was so very confusing.

Important things to know about me:

  1. I’m not Canadian.
  2. My first kiss was from Matthew while I was swinging at recess in third grade. He pretended we were in Dukes of Hazard (my favorite show) and pulled me over for speed swinging. My “ticket” was a smooch on the cheek.
  3. I had an unfortunate crush on Roy from Menudo in the 80s.
  4. Against all reason and despite myself, God blessed me with absolutely the most wonderful husband.
  5. I used to be on a jump rope team. I rocked the double-dutch, egg beater and one-legged jumps.
  6. I’m married to a pastor, but am fortunate enough not to have that “pastor’s wife” fishbowl thing a lot of others do. Maybe because our church and community is just plain awesome.
  7. One of my weirdest dreams to date was that my teeth were upside-down Dasani water bottles. And I had braces on them. And I could twist the tops off and the water would spray out.
  8. My two kids are the sunshine in my life.
  9. I’ve never seen any Indiana Jones or James Bond movies.
  10. Sometimes I am so happy to be in bed that I laugh myself to sleep.
  11. When I do Beth Moore Bible Studies, I want to get a set of white-tipped nails. I also always want red nails when I watch Rachel Zoe. So I can’t do Bible Studies during Zoe season. It’s too conflicting.
  12. This picture is old, but holy cow, I adore it.
  13. If loving coffee is wrong I will never, ever, ever be right.
  14. Sometimes I speed up my kids’ bedtime routines, because good gracious, I’m ready to sit still for the first time that day.
  15. I just bought Velveeta for the first time at 39 years old. What does this mean??

Other not-so-important things to know:

My passion is to encourage others to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Because by changing what you think about, you can change who you are and what you become.

Because honestly, sometimes you have to choose to think it first before your heart catches up to your head.

I’m a still-recovering self-loather and finally beginning to appreciate who God made me to be after choosing to think it for ages before my heart slowly started catching up to the Truth. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I moved to Atlanta after graduating in Communications at Washington State University (go Cougs!). I would have moved back to Washington State if I hadn’t met a southern boy who swept me off my feet.

February is our month, because Greg and I met in February, married the next February, had Jaana the February after that. Big things seem to happen to us in Feb, so I sort of look forward to it each year. Our daughter is almost 10, our son is almost 4, and dealing with a tween and a toddler at the same time is equal parts fun and exhausting, tears and laughter, discipline and pull-ups.

We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina in a town with about two stop lights. I spend my time planning trips to The Big City where I can go to Target and get highlights done. I also read, write, spend quality time with my family and cook entrees with no side dishes (unless I’m avoiding cooking altogether).

I’ve been published in Today’s Christian Woman magazine and on (in), and am the co-founder of Be Still Be Free, a mindset revolution that encourages women to BE first and DO second instead of the other way around. Click over and check it out!

I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me by filling out this form:

Plus I want to know all about you, so tell me about yourself!

One thought on “MEET MONICA

  1. I’ve never read your “Aboot” until now. I’m not sure where you live, but if we lived in the same state – I’m quite positive you’re the kind of gal I’d love to grab a coffee/tea with. A lot! I’m with you on #10. Oh, yes I am! And I find myself quoting little exclamations of Beth Moore’s about ever other minute. Numbers 3, 4, and 8 – yes, yes, and yes! I truly enjoy your posts, Monica. Keep em’ comin’!

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