I’ve been trying hard to get to Tarshish — but I’m scared of getting swallowed up by a huge, ginormous fish. Especially since I loathe seafood. So I’m embracing my Nineveh: Public Speaking.

Here’s the thing — when you know God is asking you to do something, you really need to just do it. Because the alternative is stinky, scary and quite possibly requires massive amounts of Dramamine.

So this is one of those things for me. I’m embracing my Nineveh. Maybe you have a Nineveh to embrace, too?


The Art of Worship (March 2015)


Burnt Hickory Baptist Church (August 2014):


The Art of Worship (May 2014)


Community Bible Church Women’s Retreat (March 2014):


Burnt Hickory Baptist Church (August 2013):

photo 4

photo 3

One thought on “SPEAKING

  1. I cannot believe how much we have in common. Everywhere I go on your site I find myself!!! It is refreshing for me to see. I just had to give a lecture last Saturday that made me sick while preparing for it. BUT, I knew/know that is going to be part of my journey. I know that I need to be comfortable speaking in front of people. I cannot write but I sure can talk!! Just not in front of people :). I stand amazed that Jesus gave me someone who I can walk with ,through your blog and podcasts, who struggles with many of the SAME EXACT ISSUES as me! Thank you for your transparency to be real and share so others can be healed too!

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