Thanksday #38

It’s 11 am here, which means it’s only 5 am in Maui. I’m still in that post-vacation mood where you automatically think about what time it is in the place you just left…and reminisce on all the things you would be doing at that moment if you were still there.

At 5 am in Maui, I’d be sleeping.

I miss Maui.

My apologies go out to my five readers who missed the weekly prayer request posts and last week’s Thanksday. I just couldn’t post from Hawaii, for a couple reasons: 1) I was too busy having fun, and 2) it’s much too hard to post on an iPhone.

There, I said it. I’m lazy. Shoot me.

Did I mention I’d be sleeping if I were still there? (Yawn.)

The one bad thing about not posting while I was away is that I feel totally rusty at this writing and typing thing. Like I can’t get my thoughts to flow into my fingertips very well. I guess this is why you never stop honing your craft. (Although I wouldn’t necessarily call what this is “a craft.”)

(And, I love the word “honing.” I get this mental image of Christopher Guest twirling his index finger in the air and then poke, poking it in my face.)

I won’t go on and on about it, but the trip was A-MAY-ZING. We had so much fun, the island is surreal, and the wedding itself was magical. We felt like we were on set of a movie. Totally amazing. My new sister-in-law, Sara, worked so hard stateside to make the wedding the magical night it was…and she totally outdid herself. We didn’t just attend a wedding…it was an experience. And even just the iPhone pictures made it look like a magazine photo shoot…I can’t wait to see the professional shots!

So to totally and completely rub it in (and to relive each moment), this week’s gratitudes are dedicated to Maui:

1) Well Traveling Kids. Seriously, my kids are amazing. They are full on little travel gurus and blew me away with their ease of flying for 10+ hours, not to mention layovers and long drives to/from airports. So much prayer (from many, many people) went into their adjusting well to travel, and they rocked it out. Little Traveling Rock Stars is what they are. Or, LTRS for short.

2) Memorable First Impressions. Immediately following the wedding rehearsal, the entire crew all went on a sunset sailboat cruise. It was such a picturesque, perfect night…gentle winds, laughter and gorgeous pictures with sails and booms in the background. The Best (wo)Man, however (that would be yours truly), forgot how very seasick she gets. What reminded me of that fact was the throwing up. Multiple times.

(I mean, the only bodies of water I’ve been on in decades have been lakes, so really, I can’t be blamed.)

(I’m hours and hours from an ocean, people!)

(Don’t judge me!)

So instead of letting my hair blow in the wind, chillaxing on a racing yacht and getting gorgeous pictures with my family and my brother…I spent the entire ride laying down in the back of the boat, staring at a fixed point on the horizon, and fighting the sweats and tickle in my throat that indicates and upchuck is a-coming.

But other than that, it was beautiful. And on the bright side, at least my new sister-in-law got a very REAL look into what she’s married into. And it made for wonderful speech fodder at the reception.

3) Suntans. I got more of a tan in one week than I did all summer. And I’m blonder. Score.

4) Walks on the Beach. Paxton could not survive the six-hour time change and activity without naps, and was ready by 10 am each morning to shut ‘er down. During his naps, Jaana and I would take walks on the beach, running from the waves and laughing. I loved my alone time with her.

5) Grand Wailea. I really, really, REALLY wanted to stay at the Grand Wailea hotel. Did I say really? But we kept forgetting to water our Money Tree. My brother and Sara however, scrimped and saved so they could spend their honeymoon there. And what else do great brothers do but invite moochy family over to their swanky hotel to hang out at the beach? It was so beautiful. And I saw Brad Pitt! Just kidding. But I did see my brother’s hair not move a stitch even after swimming in the ocean, which says a lot about his hair product.

6) Burgers and Fries. Because calories just don’t count on vacation.

7) The Wedding. Here’s where I get wistful. It was such a special, wonderful and magical affair. I’m so very, very proud of my brother and the man he’s become. He’s so mature and attentive and just dotes on Sara. I love watching him with her. And hearing their unique vows written to each other…seeing him get all choked up with emotion…it was the most perfect night. I love Sara, and love how she’s made his life better.

8) Water Slides. Our hotel had water slides. You can imagine the Disney-ish joy this elicited from my first born. One day during our alone time, she insisted on going down the slide and I tell you what. If she went once, she went a hundred times. And all the way lying (or is it laying?) down, zipping and swooshing to the end. Then she turned to me with her puppy dog eyes, begging and pleading for me to go down, too.

I can tell you for certain the last time I was on a water slide was probably high school. (And my 20th reunion was while we were there, so you do the math.) (Or I’ll just do it for you.) So I eased in to the fa-reezing water and walked over to the stairs. And I climbed up slowly…equally mortified that I’m about to go down a stinking water slide AND that I’m strutting around in public in a swimsuit. And when I get the nod it’s okay to go, I sit and I slide. And I laughed the entire way down and proceeded to go a few more times. So thankful she made me do it.

9) Pineapple. Local Maui Gold Pineapples are heavenly and I ate my weight in them daily.

10) Beauty. Amazing and gorgeous sunsets reminded me each night that God is a pretty good artist. It’s beyond my grasp of imagination that He created such a magnificent island…with mountains and volcanoes and beaches…beauty rising and setting with such purpose and intention each and every day. I love He loves to show off like that.

Okay, so I did go on and on about it. But it’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to. Or whatever.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below, or link up with Candra. It’ll help you hang loose and catch some waves. And with a deep sigh, I say for the last time – ALOHA.

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #38

  1. I am so glad you had a great trip and that you filled us in on the details. If we can't be there at least we can hear about it. I rejoice with you! Someday I hope to go.

    I am thankful to be feeling pretty good this week in light of a horrible week last week. Praise God!

  2. I am thankful this week for my incredible guy friends. They love Jesus so so much and I don't deserve to have them in my life.

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