Thanksday #3

Besides Candra, this week I’m thankful for:
  1. 1)Starbucks. For the sinful treat of their Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa (or Salted Caramel Mocha for an espresso shooter in it). 
  1. 2)Traveling Hair Stylists. My hair stylist of six-plus years has been making trips periodically up here to the mountains to bring joy to our hairs. After Sunday’s visit my hair looks as blonde and fresh as it used to be when I was three.
  1. 3)Car Washes. To get to where we’re living you have to drive up on a gravel road. To get to Jaana’s school you have to drive on another gravel road (that should be paved already, but don’t get me started). Both gravel roads kick up enough dust and dirt to make Pig Pen ashamed. My car is perpetually filthy, but as often as I can I run it through the Highlands Car Spa to clean ‘er up. Did it today and she purrs like a kitten.
  1. 4)Baby Babble. I know everyone thinks their child is brilliant, but I swear Paxton is trying to say words. He crawls after me saying, “ma ma ma ma ma.” Then when he’s tired he grabs Elmo and says, “ni ni ni ni” (“night night”). It’s so adorable hearing his little voice. Melts me like buttah.
  1. 5)Chile Loco. After months of begging, Greg and I finally went to this local Mexican restaurant where a sign on the door boasts “Authentic Mexican Food.” They make their tortilla chips fresh on-site and they are ahhh-mazing. So much so that I went back two days in a row. (And I’m paying for it on the treadmill, thank you very little.)
  1. 6)Skype. My mom lives in Washington state. My brother lives in Washington state. My dad just moved to Washington state. Need I say more? 
  1. 7)Snow. On Saturday I was supposed to drive two hours to take care of something for our car. But my friend was going to be in town and we wanted to meet for coffee, and I didn’t want to put it off. So it snowed Friday night, and left beautiful snow and icy roads in its wake. Which left the road down the mountain closed down! Reunion in tact!
  1. 8)Cheerios. I’ve had to drag Paxton all over creation almost every day this week. The only thing that’s kept him sane (besides Elmo) is Multi-Grain Cheerios. And now when I ask him if he wants a snack, he crawls over to where they are and looks at me making caveman noises. Brilliant, I say!
  1. 9)First Grade. Jaana has reached the point of first grade where she is really starting to be challenged. She’s having to think creatively and work harder than she’s had to so far. I don’t want everything to be so easy that she’s not challenged; I want her to know the what it feels like to work really hard for something and the self-confidence that develops from figuring it out. 
  1. 10) Closed Captioning. Because then I can catch up on my Real Housewives while working out and still stay with the story line when I’m running without missing a single word. Don’t judge me!
Share the love – what are you thankful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #3

  1. I love them all. I am definitely not judging because those Housewives are a guilty pleasure of mine also. Scott hates it! Like Candra said, there is just something about it. You just can't turn it off. I always feel like I am a bit more normal and okay after I watch it. So sick and twisted!Today I am thankful that my mom and grandpa made the long drive here from TN. I never get family visitors because that 8 hour drive is hard for some folks. We are going to have a wonderful weekend.

  2. ove-them-all! i don't judge, i wish i had time to watch it, sometimes at the gym i would watch it too, they are just so "out there" it's like you can't turn it off, ha haoften times i think about something you once said about tv, you said something like "i'm not going to tell you what i watch because you'd judge me" and i laugh to myself almost weekly thinking how true it is. we all watch things we don't to tell others, especially at church because people can be so funny about things, ha ha.don't forget to hyperlink my site in your post and link back to curious georgi on my page so my friends can see your posts!!!

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