Thanksday #2

In keeping with my new tradition (thanks Candra!), here is the second installment of what I’m thankful for this week:
  1. 1)Radio Shack. They had a generic camera battery charger for my camera (since the original one is packed up in storage somewhere). I can once again take pictures of my children!
  1. 2)Kindle. There are now free games available, and I am obsessed with Every Word. I’m even choosing to play over reading (gasp! shock! awe!).
  1. 3)Greg. He helps so much with the kids most nights so I can work out. I try to wait to go to the gym until at least Paxton is in bed, but there are times he puts both kids down (and gives them dinner). I’m so grateful for his support…and with no complaints! Such a gem.
  1. 4)My kids. They have so completely made my week, even though they’ve both been sick. At least once a day my heart has overflowed with love over things they’ve done or said. And watching how much Paxton loves Jaana, and how much she can make him laugh warms me down to my toes.
  1. 5)Halloween. Even though we only got to be out for 20 minutes because Jaana was in the midst of the flu (but even when sick, a girl must strike a pose), I loved having  a moment to see how adorable my little Cowgirl and SuperBaby looked all dolled up for tricks-or-treats. And because I got to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” with Jaana and we laughed at the same parts.
  1. 6)Unpregnancy. Yes, this is probably too much information (and yes I think I just made up that word), but I have to be honest: not a week goes by where I’m not thankful that I’m not pregnant. This week in particular, I was remembering how last year at this time I was great with child (and by great I mean G-R-E-A-T). And I would get winded just carrying on a conversation if I said more than five sentences in a row. Now I’m only winded when running up large hills (or shopping). 
  1. 7)Fridays. Usually Greg & I will take Jaana to school and then go grab breakfast together (with Super Baby, bien sur). And even though we’ve got the boy with us, I look forward to our time together. And it gives us some alone time with Paxton (since his sister got six years of alone time with us, it’s only fair).
  1. 8)Hoarding. Not literally. But I’m thankful that I haven’t been willing to part with a lot of clothes and jackets in my closet. Because even though it’s taken longer than I wanted, I am now able to wear a lot of things I had hoped I could get back into. It’s sorta, kinda like a new wardrobe (but don’t tell Greg).
  1. 9)Coffee. After almost nine years together, Greg is starting to drink coffee. Not regularly, and it’s not an addiction yet…but my dreams of us sharing a cup of joe on the porch while the sun comes up remain strong!
  1. 10)Grace and Mercy. I can certainly be a spoiled brat at times. And with that comes a tendency to be self-sufficient instead of Jesus-dependent. In the moments I become aware I’m at it again, I am thankful that God’s love for me stays the same…and that He has given me what I don’t deserve, and withheld that which I do. 

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #2

  1. I appreciate the reminder to be thankful for everything around me. I am thankful today that I will see you all in a few days. Yeah!!

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