Being Honoring


She was a huge influence to me — I’m not sure I ever told her, but she was.

I worked with her for a few years, and always marveled at her integrity and character. She had that innate and godly ability to be honest about how she was doing…if she was struggling or having a bad day…but never — not once ever — was disrespectful or malicious in her speech.

She called every single pastor by the title Pastor. Even my husband — and we were so low on the totem pole we literally just held it up. But in all her conversation to me, even if no one else was around, she referred to him as Pastor Greg.

I’d stop her — every time — and say,

“It’s just Greg! It’s so weird to hear you call him Pastor!”

And she’d reply,

“That’s his title. He’s earned it, and  I’m going to call him that!” 

Click over here to keep reading — I’m sharing the story Be Still Be Free today

In this week’s podcast, we explore what it means to BE HONORING, and how unlike respect, it’s demanded by God, regardless of how we feel about it.

Does this resonate with you?

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