Being Honoring


She was a huge influence to me — I’m not sure I ever told her, but she was.

I worked with her for a few years, and always marveled at her integrity and character. She had that innate and godly ability to be honest about how she was doing…if she was struggling or having a bad day…but never — not once ever — was disrespectful or malicious in her speech.

She called every single pastor by the title Pastor. Even my husband — and we were so low on the totem pole we literally just held it up. But in all her conversation to me, even if no one else was around, she referred to him as Pastor Greg.

I’d stop her — every time — and say,

“It’s just Greg! It’s so weird to hear you call him Pastor!”

And she’d reply,

“That’s his title. He’s earned it, and  I’m going to call him that!” 

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In this week’s podcast, we explore what it means to BE HONORING, and how unlike respect, it’s demanded by God, regardless of how we feel about it.

Being Merciful


It was a random Friday night during my late 20s, driving my little navy blue Nissan Sentra with manual locks and windows and pop-on hub caps. I was on my way home from some shindig or another, just me in the car…listening to the radio, singing along and mind racing and just wanting to be home already.

It must have been a song on the radio from the radio station playing Friday Night 80s that triggered All The Thoughts. The thoughts of stupid, reckless, crazy things I had done in high school. Which morphed into the stupider, more reckless and crazier things I did in college. Which morphed into the straight up asinine things I did as a young adult.

All The Thoughts suddenly flashed across my mind like a rapid-fire slide show — in that dreamlike technicolor-slash-Polaroid transfer imagery — and as I began to relive each moment, and the possible outcomes of every single moment, I felt God whisper,

I was there. 

And I began pouring shame all over myself. Shame and guilt because of All The Sin, but then shock and bewilderment took over as I realized every single gentle outcome. With each passing scenario playing out in the movie in my mind, awe and wonder overcame me at how nothing that should have happened to me happened. How in every single instance the outcome should have been painful, or dire, or deadly —  yet instead suddenly ceased, was non-existent, finished.

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In this week’s podcast, we explore what it means to BE MERCIFUL, not show acts of mercy without possessing mercy in our hearts.

Have an incredibly merciful week. I love you.

Being Forgiving


It’s different when you’re a wife. Or a mama. Or a close friend.

That gentle forgiveness you so easily give when there’s been a personal offense suddenly morphs into a hideous, spitting monster and a new level of ugly bursts forth from your heart when your daughter’s feelings get hurt…or your son gets pushed on the playground…or your husband is unappreciated…or your friend is taken for granted.

It’s different.

The mama bear holds grudges close to her heart and the incensed wife keeps tally in her record book and the bitter friend has the keys in her hand, ready to drive wherever necessary to kick some tail.

Wrongs done to me personally are different, somehow. I can empathize, be compassionate, have insight into the reasons why I have been hurt. I am able to see into the other person’s heart just enough to understand why they reacted the way they did and said what they said. It might take a while for me to clothe myself in forgiveness — to sink into it and offer it up, if only to God — but I eventually get there.

But until recently, I never realized how hard it is for me to forgive those who hurt my loved ones. My record-keeping is meticulous and the roots of bitterness run deep and are tangled up into a misshapen heap.

It’s different when you’re a wife. Or a mama. Or a close friend.

It’s different — but it’s wrong.

“Be gentle and ready to forgive; never hold grudges. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.” (Colossians 3:13)

This week over at BE, we explore what it means to BE forgiving, not just DO forgiveness. And as is the case every single cotton-pickin’, stinkin’ week, God is driving this home in my personal life…illuminating the areas I need growth and highlighting the grisly mess of roots in my heart.

It hurts and I hate it, quite frankly. But I know it’s vital to growing more into the image — the eikon — of Christ.

Would you hop over to Be Still Be Free today and listen to this week’s podcast on BE FORGIVING? God will have a word for you today. I just know it.

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Be Healthy Part 2: Podcast




This week, we’re continuing our discussion on what it means to BE HEALTHY in mind, body and soul.

Last week we talked about emotional health, and this week, we’re exploring how emotional, spiritual and physical health all tie in together. We’ve got the podcast to download or listen to, printables, practical applications and additional resources as well.

It’s incredibly awesome, because our friend and special guest Tracy Hurst (licensed professional counselor, author and speaker) has profound wisdom in this area.

You don’t want to miss it…I promise you!

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