That Time I Was Grateful for Fear

I’m sharing about fear over here today — at my friend Kayse’s. I’m sharing about fear.

About how I didn’t want to do it.

About how she called on a normal afternoon and we had a normal conversation, and then suddenly the winds changed and blew in from the east and the words she spoke made me shudder from the inside out,

“I’d like to put in your name as a possible speaker for our women’s event in the fall.”

And about how I sort-of-kind-of threw up just a little bit in my mouth.

And then about the good that came from the fear and how by the end, I was grateful.

Make sure you click over to Kayse’s to read the whole story, wrapped up in the amazing grace of God’s faithfulness.

Blessings, friend!

Does this resonate with you?

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