not-so-happy endings (a thought collective)

It’s been heavy lately. Really heavy. First my unofficial sabbatical, then the sick that’s lingered around me for 8+ days now, and then the cancellation of one of my most favorite shows ever, Happy Endings.

(I knew the move-to-Friday was a nail in the coffin, but prayed an eclectic group of hipsters that wear non-prescription black-framed glasses and skinny jeans would discover it on the Friday night death slot and resurrect it.)

(Because evidently, two close-to-middle-aged parents who go to bed at 10 pm couldn’t help.)

(The memorial service was Saturday.)

It’s bringin’ me down, man. Time to fight the power and lighten things up a bit. (I’m not sure which power, but I’ll find one. And then I’ll fight it. To the death!)

Here are a random collection of thoughts in no particular order:

  1. School is out in precisely 15 days.
  2. I need a new swimsuit and am in no mood to go shopping for one.
  3. I’m completely addicted to afternoon iced coffees right now, and have spent approximately $147 on them in the past two weeks.
  4. I’ve been sick, and so I consider this my little treat to feel better…the iced coffee.
  5. I watched the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductions the other day, and have a few thoughts: still not a huge Rush fan; Donna Summer’s daughters are gorgeous; Flava Flave…still crazy after all these years; and those musicians…they sure like to use the swear words.
  6. I’m currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and dying laughing out loud all by myself.
  7. I would like to now be BFF’s with Mindy, and get together and talk about Waiting for Guffman while drinking (let’s all say it…) ICED COFFEE.
  8. Let’s be clear: when I say I went “running,” I’m using the term very loosely. A more correct definition of what I do would be “wogging,” but it doesn’t sound nearly as cool or give you the mental image of me traipsing like a gazelle through mountain trails. Especially when I wog on roads, not trails.
  9. My daughter has informed me, approximately 14,700 times in the past eight days, that all my coughing is really annoying.
  10. I bet Mindy is a HUGE fan of Happy Endings.

What’s going on with you? Any random thoughts to share so we can laugh at with you?


Lysol, Take Me Away (A Thought Collective)

Thoughts for today, in no particular order of unimportance:

1. I’m sick of the sick. Jaana had a stomach bug and then Paxton got a cold and cough. Then he caught the stomach bug and I thought it was over, then he threw up again 36 hours afterwards. Now Greg has a chest cold and if I were you, I’d buy up a bunch of Lysol stock because their sales have tripled over the last week, at least at my local grocery store.

I’m just praying, praying I don’t catch anything because if Mama goes down, everyone goes down. I’ll have to summons up Gamma to these mountains for reinforcement.

2. Why is it that every single afternoon around 12, I find myself desperately wanting a cup of coffee, but never actually stop to make one? And then next thing I  know it’s after 4 and now it’s too late to have coffee because I don’t want to be up all night long because I love to sleep? Why don’t I just make the stinking coffee??

3. I spent all day yesterday being entirely too productive for a Monday. I washed all the bedding in the house, plus an additional couple of loads. I cleaned out the kids rooms and playroom, which equaled a large bag of trash, PLUS an entire carload of toys to donate. The clean should last approximately 47.3 minutes.

4. I’m going to the SEC championship game on Saturday night, and am therefore trying to find an outfit that is red and black, and also equal parts comfortable and cute. Which is a lot more difficult than you might imagine.

5. I want to do a Bible Study, a personal one, but just can’t figure out where to start. Ideas??

6. Guess what I just did? Right this second? Made myself a cup of coffee. 

7. We spent Thanksgiving in The Big City and if I spend more than two days there I really miss the laid-back-chillness of the mountains. But what I did love was driving over 40 mph and on straight roads. 

8. I made mashed potatoes and a gluten-free pecan pies for the Thanksgiving Extravaganza of 2012. But my mother-in-law doesn’t have a rolling pin or a potato peeler. So I had to go all old-school-like and peel potatoes with a knife and roll out the pie crust with a water bottle. (Guess what Gamma’s getting in her stocking this year?)

9. Can we revisit #8 for a second and just meditate on the fact that I actually made something that required rolling of the crust?


10. “Throw the words ‘Salted Caramel’ onto anything and I’ll take it,” she sighs as she sips her freshly-made coffee sweetened with Salted Caramel Mocha creamer.

What’s new with you?