If We’re Gonna Be BFF’s…

I consider you all friends. Is this okay?

Because as friends, I think it’s important that we share all the crazy quirky things that make us who we are. I saw this post idea over at Little Miss Momma and thought it was awesome. So I’m totally copycatting. The only caveat to this is that if you’re going to read you simply have to share. Don’t leave me to hang all my crazy quirky out there to dry alone.

Things my BFFs should know:

  1. I crack myself up all the time. And most of the time, I’m the only one I crack up.
  2. If I see Golden Girls is on TV I will stop everything and watch. Dishes drop out of my hands and food burns on the stove. For real.
  3. You will consistently find half-drank (drinken? drunk?) cans, bottles and cups of mine around the house. Drives Greg insane.
  4. I used to make my little brother try do the Dirty Dancing lift with me, but we never quite got it right.
  5. There’s a soft spot in my heart for Bell Biv DeVoe and all other 90s hip-hop rap groups.
  6. I can help you rationalize and justify any decision you’re trying to make.
  7. In high school I wanted to spell my name “Monikkah” until a friend loudly sounded it out phonetically making fun of me.
  8. In my mind I dance like a Fly Girl.
  9. In my mind I sing Adele.
  10. In my mind I might be a little bit cray-cray.
  11. I cannot be productive at all if I don’t have shoes on.
  12. I hate being barefoot.
  13. Lakes gross me out to swim in, but boating is fine.
  14. If my husband wouldn’t make fun of me for it, I’d still wear nose plugs in the pool.
  15. I’d tell you all about my procrastination issues, but let’s wait until tomorrow.
  16. See number 1.
  17. I really am so very introverted which makes me a tad antisocial. Big gatherings and parties totally stress me out. I’m afraid my introverted-ness comes across as snobby at times because I tend to hang along the wall or glom on to one person like a leech. But it’s really just because I’m pretty insecure and totally uncomfortable. Like totally.
  18. I practically ran down the aisle at my wedding because as soon as I entered the chapel I saw everyone staring at me and I freaked out. I figured the sooner I got to the pastor, the sooner I didn’t have to see people watching me.
  19. See number 10.
  20. I need alone time like some people need air.
  21. Whenever I see the clock says 12:34 I say “make a wish!” even if I’m alone.
  22. I am very methodical about my grocery shopping and always start and end in the same exact way.
  23. I am very haphazard about my meal planning and am always scrambling to figure out what we’re eating come 5:30 pm.
  24. Nothing would be better than an 8 x 10 of Will Ferrell’s face on my desk so I can laugh on command when necessary.
  25. I never, ever, ever eat seafood. Not a single bit of it. Grosses me out. This is why they kicked out of Washington State.
What about you? As your bloggy BFF, what do I need to know about you?

Lysol, Take Me Away (A Thought Collective)

Thoughts for today, in no particular order of unimportance:

1. I’m sick of the sick. Jaana had a stomach bug and then Paxton got a cold and cough. Then he caught the stomach bug and I thought it was over, then he threw up again 36 hours afterwards. Now Greg has a chest cold and if I were you, I’d buy up a bunch of Lysol stock because their sales have tripled over the last week, at least at my local grocery store.

I’m just praying, praying I don’t catch anything because if Mama goes down, everyone goes down. I’ll have to summons up Gamma to these mountains for reinforcement.

2. Why is it that every single afternoon around 12, I find myself desperately wanting a cup of coffee, but never actually stop to make one? And then next thing I  know it’s after 4 and now it’s too late to have coffee because I don’t want to be up all night long because I love to sleep? Why don’t I just make the stinking coffee??

3. I spent all day yesterday being entirely too productive for a Monday. I washed all the bedding in the house, plus an additional couple of loads. I cleaned out the kids rooms and playroom, which equaled a large bag of trash, PLUS an entire carload of toys to donate. The clean should last approximately 47.3 minutes.

4. I’m going to the SEC championship game on Saturday night, and am therefore trying to find an outfit that is red and black, and also equal parts comfortable and cute. Which is a lot more difficult than you might imagine.

5. I want to do a Bible Study, a personal one, but just can’t figure out where to start. Ideas??

6. Guess what I just did? Right this second? Made myself a cup of coffee. 

7. We spent Thanksgiving in The Big City and if I spend more than two days there I really miss the laid-back-chillness of the mountains. But what I did love was driving over 40 mph and on straight roads. 

8. I made mashed potatoes and a gluten-free pecan pies for the Thanksgiving Extravaganza of 2012. But my mother-in-law doesn’t have a rolling pin or a potato peeler. So I had to go all old-school-like and peel potatoes with a knife and roll out the pie crust with a water bottle. (Guess what Gamma’s getting in her stocking this year?)

9. Can we revisit #8 for a second and just meditate on the fact that I actually made something that required rolling of the crust?


10. “Throw the words ‘Salted Caramel’ onto anything and I’ll take it,” she sighs as she sips her freshly-made coffee sweetened with Salted Caramel Mocha creamer.

What’s new with you?

October Randomness

I’ve succumbed to the sickness. I fought the good fight and tried to power through it, but the sore throat has now moved into a chest cough and I now sound like I smoke a pack of menthols every few hours. So sexy. Maybe I should change my voice mail greeting? Or maybe I’ll have that gritty-soulful sound at choir tomorrow night. That would be fun.

Random thoughts:

1. Flatbread. This stuff rocks. And my new go-to breakfast is a fried egg sandwich with provolone and turkey on toasted flatbread. Deeee-lish.

2. Boots. I got some really good news last week and was able to talk Greg into celebrating with a new pair of boots for me. Finally! They’re no Fryes, but I love them nonetheless. Now I can stop obsessing. (Until next fall, natch.)

3. Up All Night. I love, love, love, love this show. Love. Did I say love? ‘Cuz I love it.

4. Come out, come out wherever you areWhat ever happened to the Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.? And I really would love to see a Real Housewives of Dallas. And Fargo, ‘cuz I’d love to see the Prada version of ski masks and to-your-ankles down coats.

5. Boohaha. Have you seen these pictures of people freaking out in a haunted house? If you’re experiencing a lull today, or feeling a little down, just check it out. A guaranteed laugh.

6. Curl up and die. We had our annual fall family photos this weekend, which meant it was also the annual “why can’t I stay consistent with working out” self-flagellation. I loved my nail polish and my new boots, so at least there’s that.

I thought it would be fun to do something new with my stick-straight hair, so I decided to curl it. So I hair sprayed, then curled, then hair sprayed again. After 10 minutes the curl fell out, so I started over. Spray a section, curl it, spray the section while on the curling iron, repeat around my whole head. After another 10 minutes, the curl fell out again, and I repeated this process no less than four times. And by the time we arrived to the photos, it was pretty stick-straight again. The five actual minutes that the curl held, my hair totally rocked and made me consider for a brief second getting a spiral perm. But I couldn’t find anyone willing to do it.

7. You know you’re sick whenyou pick up a bottle of Dr. Pepper from the grocery and you never, ever drink Dr. Pepper.

8. All write. Jaana’s class is doing pen-pals with other kids in another state, and she found out yesterday hers is a boy named Lloyd. (?!?)

9. If you like it then you’d better put a coat on it. I’ve been working on painting Jaana’s headboard and footboard for about two weeks. And I’m only done with one side of each. I am an awesome procrastinator.

10.  Midas touch. My nails are gold right now. Greg hates it but I think it’s fun. But I’ll probably take it all off and redo it a deep wine color tomorrow. ’Cuz I’m crazy like that.

Gotta run, time for a menthol break. Peace!