Random Thoughts from the Beach

1. My daughter is already blonder after just one day.

2. Running Jogging at sea level is much easier than running jogging at 3600′ elevation.

3. Hilton Head is one of my most favorite places in the world.

4. I’m a lot hungrier on vacation than in normal life.

5. Coffee sure tastes good again.

6. My inner 8 year-old emerges when I’m in a swimming pool.

7. Sunsets on the beach are breathtaking.

Like son, like father.

8. Beachside people-watching is among the best in the world.

9. I could totally dig a life of leisure. With two shovels.

10. Bringing someone we love to hang out with us and spend time with the kids was a brilliant idea.

How high?

11. Grocery shopping while on vacation is so much more fun.

12. It’s amazing what listening to live guitar while strolling next to a body of water will do for ones mood.

13. People will buy anything with a Salty Dog Cafe logo on it.

14. I totally overpacked. Again.

15. It’s embarrassing what you’ll overshare with complete strangers while you’re both watching your toddlers play in the baby pool.


What things do you notice about vacationing at the beach?