Thanksday #68

First things first.

One, I’m back on coffee (praise. the. LORD.) B) I’m at the beach.

Due to number 2, I’m dedicating today’s Thanksday to all things beachy. Because I want to rub it in and gloat.You know.

I can’t believe the week has gone by so quickly. Today and tomorrow are our last days for sand, sun and swimming…and Saturday is the long drive back. Usually I get really depressed at the end of vacation, because I don’t want it to end. I love spending time with my family with no life interruptus. And then Greg reminds me that my whole life is pretty much a vacation and I think, “oh yeah.” And while that’s not entirely true, it’s kinda true. We do live in the mountains where other people go to vacation. And it’s summer, so I get to do the hard job of taking the kids to the pool and such.

So I’ll try to be strong and pull myself up by my bootstraps come Saturday. Or sandal straps. Whichev.

My beachy thankfuls this week:

1. Moss Covered Trees. Hilton Head is so beautiful. And walking and running through the moss-covered trees is almost fairy-tale like.

2. Palmetto Cheese with Bacon. My love of the Pimento Cheese With Soul is no secret. But guess what I saw at the grocery down here? OH. EM. GEE.

3. Day Off. Yesterday, I just couldn’t imagine putting a swimsuit back on AGAIN. I really needed a day off from the pool and beach. (Which begs the question, who am I??) And Lord knows Paxton did since he was a little sunburned (despite the 50 SPF sunscreen). So we went shopping instead. Score!

4. Harbour Town Lighthouse. And climbing all 114 steps in wedge heels. But then seeing dolphins while watching the sunset over the water. Worth. It.

5. Aloe and Swim Shirts. So yeah, Paxton got a wee bit of a sunburn on his back (again, despite the 50 SPF sunscreen. Just want to reiterate that I’m not an irresponsible parent). After a swim shirt and aloe slathered all over his back (plus a day off from the pool) and he’s good as new. (Whew.) But look, he’s at least got some color for the first time in his life!

6. Surprise Gift. In Harbour Town last night, we headed to the toy store and Greg said he wanted to check something out and that he’d be right back. While the kids looked at toys, I got an email I wish I hadn’t have gotten. And it put me in a really depressed and funky mood (as if I need any help with that). Then Greg walks in and hands me a bag and says, “surprise!” And inside is a Washington State University Tervis mug! The best pick-me-up I could’ve imagined. I got a good man, y’all. A good, good man. (And thank you God for him.) (And and thank you God for Your timing.) (And who’da thunk you could find anything WSU-related in Hilton Head of all places, when I never could in Atlanta??)

7. No Bedtime. To Jaana’s utter delight, we told her she could stay up as late as she wanted this vacation. The only caveat was that she had to be responsible during the day — cleaning up after herself, having a good attitude, yada yada. She’s stayed up until after 10 each night and has loved it. And due to the late bedtime, she’s actually sleeping in (well, for her it’s sleeping in). Win-win.

8. Greg. Greg has had to work every day. He had a paper due for school, a sermon to prepare for Sunday, a lesson to prepare for Sunday night, a lesson to prepare for Wednesday night, and materials for a leadership conference breakout group next week. But he’s done it all without a single complaint. I’m in awe of his dedication and perseverance.

9. Generosity. I’m most thankful to have this amazing place to stay here. Lord, please bless our friends a hundred fold.

10. A Great Family. I just casually mentioned over lunch that I just have one thing left to complete this list. And Jaana suggested, “having an amazing family and a beautiful daughter.” And I completely agreed. So I’m extremely thankful for my fabulous family, my insanely gifted children and our beloved like-a-daugther who joined us. God is good.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll leave you sun-kissed like the sun.