Five Minute Friday #22 – CHANGE

I link up with Lisa-Jo on Fridays, where writing solely for the fun of it is the priority: “On Fridays over here a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write gather to share what five minutes buys them. Just five minutes. Unscripted. Real. Your words. This shared feast.”

Today’s topic: CHANGE


It’s a symphony of firsts and the instruments hit each note with intensity. I want to run but the front door is so heavy. I want to write but that first word escapes me. I want to read but opening the cover feels like work. Yet once the door is open and the word is written and the cover is opened, the score builds slowly and deliberately and reaches crescendos again and again.

The altos are the body and the sopranos are the spirit and the tenors and bass are the mind. And the altos sing ‘go’ and the sopranos sing ‘you got this’ and the tenors and bass pepper in ‘are you sure? maybe you should reconsider’ but blended together it’s a harmony of richness and enticement.

Verse one tells of birthing and verse two explains preparing and verse three shares the joy of flying, and the chorus that connects all the verses together reminds us of the process of emerging and how all of it…this process of becoming…can only happen when we choose to sing along.

This is my song and will be the message I share until the final bow — this is a life of becoming. We are always ‘ing’ and God always keeps us ‘in the process of’ and that’s His purpose. Today was the first day in many I actually opened that front door and ran again and God and I, we write when I run. And as we ran the butterfly with bright blue wings flitted past and God whispered,

“What would have happened if you hadn’t opened the door today? You would have missed this and missed us and you can only become when you participate in the song.”

And He reminded me that the butterfly only flies after the cocooning and the fruit is only ripe after it has been green and the seconds, thirds and fourths only come after the firsts. And the door is heavy and the words escape and reading is work because there’s only one who wants to keep me trapped in a bodily prison and a locked mind and a crushed spirit. And he is easily defeated after doing just the first.

So I replay the song again and again and memorize each note and swell and rest and measure. And I keep my eye on the conductor the whole time and the more I play the more I become.


My Secret (Very Secret) Dream

I admitted to Mary tonight that I have a very-secret-don’t-laugh-at-me dream.

And that is to be Director of Choir Choreography.

And I demonstrated to her, in real life, what the choir’s moves would be if we performed the song “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood for our church.

And she loved it. (Well, she snorted while laughing anyway, which I think means she loved it.)

I also admitted to having an entire number choreographed to the song, “In Christ Alone,” (the newer, Travis Cottrell version) should I ever be a finalist on American Idol. (But with the original judges, because then Simon would be impressed and therefore moved to holy tears.)

I’m not sure that she loved that one, but she snorted while laughing humored me.

I may be finally acting like a writer, but I might also have to act like a Director of Choir Choreography, too.

I’m geeky and I know it.

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Spring) Things

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of fall and winter. But as much as I adore my boots and the chilly weather, I really do love all four seasons…just in their due time, not 80-degree weather in March. (Oh Lord, please don’t ever move me to Texas or Florida…PLEASE!!) And now that it’s almost Easter, I’m ready to embrace Spring. For such a time as this.

There are a few telltale signs I get very excited about that help me welcome Spring. Perhaps you can relate:

1. Sunless tanning lotion (even better if it’s the “firming” kind).

2. Moving boots out of my closet and bringing sandals in.

3. Less laundry time – no one is wearing socks, therefore the turning-socks-rightside-out-and-matching-them chore is virtually nonexistent.

4. Iced coffee – I can now drink it like I always do, but without the strange looks or running commentary from Greg about “who drinks iced coffee in the winter??”

5. Less makeup (thanks to #1)

6. Hearing the kids laughing and playing outside.

7. Two words: Sun. Roof.

8. Hip-hop music – car rides are so much more fun in the spring when the sunroof is open and you’re gettin’ jiggy wit it to old school Will Smith. (Or anything from 80s.)

9. Open clubhouse – I got the best news yesterday: our neighborhood’s clubhouse opens back up this weekend (been closed since December). What does this mean? I can go run on the treadmill and let Paxton play in the kids room! Oh my gosh, the joy.

10. Cornucopia – one of my fave local places to eat is once again open. Hello? Green bean fries with wasabi ranch? Fried green tomato sandwich on ciabatta? I think yes.

What are your favorite things about Spring? What screams “Yay it’s Spring!” to you?