Thanksday #70

I thought today was Saturday. And kept thinking I had to get the kids to bed earlier since there’s church tomorrow. But then before bedtime, I actually remembered today was just Thursday…but decided they needed an early night anyway. (Hey, it’s been a busy summer.)

This whole holiday-in-the-middle-of-the-week thing has me totally off my game. The upside is that tomorrow’s only Friday! Yahoo!

My thankfuls this week:

1. Driving away from triple digit temperatures in The Big City. And returning to the mountains where it was a much cooler. And then walking into my house, forgetting that the AC was off, but it still being a cool 73-degrees inside. Thank you and amen.

2. Puddle Jumper Vest. Paxton’s life vest is awesome. And he feels like he’s big time in it, since he can swim and float and play and splash like a big kid.

3. She Speaks. I’m participating in this conference in just two weeks. (Oh my word, it’s in just two weeks!!!) I’ve connected with a group of women attending through Facebook, and so far I’m blown away. These women are the most encouraging, uplifting and joyful group I’ve seen in ages. And I don’t personally know a soul that will be attending (as far as I know), so this Facebook friendliness has been great. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person in just two weeks. (Oh my word, it’s in just two weeks!!!) (I’m freaking out, just a bit.)

4. Pretending. Paxton is all about pretending now, thanks to his big sis. He’ll whimper and whine and say he’s a puppy. He’ll roar and stomp and say he’s a monster or dinosaur. He’ll tell us what to be and what to say and how to act if we’re playing with him. So now we have to kids telling us what to do. Which is awesome.

5. Lake Festivities. We joined up with friends on Fourth of July Eve for cooking out, fun and fireworks on the lake. It was a gorgeous night and so much fun. Jaana and a friend swam in the lake, and her friend kept jumping in screaming, “This is so wicked!!” Jaana loved it too, but was a bit more reserved. (Which is shocking, I know.)

6. Fourth of July. I pray y’all had a wonderful and blessed Independence Day with your friends and family. Thank you to all who help serve and protect that we might have the liberties we’re blessed with. And God, please continue to shed Your grace on us.

We celebrated the day with good friends and a dirty Elmo, where we ate the best ribs and chicken I’ve laid my lips on. And there was tubing. Greg and Jaana had a ball going down the river; I stayed behind with Paxton since he’s a wee bit too little to really enjoy sitting still on my lap in a big inner tube as I’m trying to navigate rocks and not to fall in.

7. 10 am. And the first face I see being my clock’s as it proudly boasted this time when I woke up today.

8. Screened-In Porches. A few weeks ago, Greg stained the wood floor on our screened-in porch. Then this week, we finally got real furniture (e.g., not camping chairs), and can finally enjoy spending time out there now.

9. Lay’s Classic BLT Chips. Yes, you read that correctly. BLT flavored chips. I could elaborate, but I think this speaks for itself.

10. Early Wake-Ups. I’ve had quite a few mornings in the past week where I woke up around 5 am and just couldn’t go back to sleep. So I stayed up and worked on my book stuff. (This explains number 7. I’m really not that lazy.) Although I would have rather slept until at least 6:30, it was nice to be so productive in absolute silence while my family slept. (Really, it’s amazing what a woman can get done with two uninterrupted hours and a cup of Sampson-strong coffee that basically equals six espresso shots.)

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment by clicking the bubble at the top of the post. It’ll bring more joy than realizing you just gained two extra days in your weekend. Fo’ rizzle.

And the Card Attached Would Say, “Thank You For Being a Friend.”

So Greg turned on the TV last night. It was Fourth of July Eve. I asked what he was watching. It was Cocoon. Yes, that Cocoon.

He pretended to be shocked when I said I hadn’t seen it. Then suddenly from the dining room, my dad pipes up and exclaims,

“You did too! We saw it at the drive-in!”

I’m sorry, what?

Evidently, we saw it at the Des Moines drive-in when I was nine or 10. Because obviously, Cocoon is absolutely something a third-grader would be thrilled to see at a drive-in.

This actually might explain my fascination with the Golden Girls.

May your Independence Day be everything you’ve dreamed of, and nothing you expect. May it also be full of random facts about your childhood, and not watching Cocoon-The Return, which is probably as bad as it sounds.

Thank you for being a friend, and may God shed His grace on thee.

Happy Fourth, y’all.

This Amount of Fun Should Be Illegal

I hate being a braggart, but really, this so far has been the best summer ever.

I hate being a braggart, but really, this so far has been the best summer ever. Quitting has been good for me.

Let me list for you the oodles of fun already had, just in the 24 days since school has been out:

  1. Dance recital
  2. End of the year pizza party
  3. Hilton Head trip
  4. A few days in The Big City visiting grandparents, cousins and their new pool
  5. Swimming no less than four days a week (counting Hilton Head and cousins’ new pool)
  6. Dinner with friends (they cooked, not me, yippee!)
  7. PePaw’s visit
  8. Seeing Disney-Pixar’s Brave (in 3D)
  9. Seeing Madagascar 3 (in 3D)
  10. Church production
  11. Paxton’s first pair of flip-flops
  12. Day in Asheville

I mean, it’s been so jam-packed, even Jaana is sleeping until 8 am. And that, my friends, means fun to the point of exhaustion.

Yesterday, my dad and I took the kids to Asheville for the day. We had lunch out (using a gift card, holla!), saw Madagascar 3 in 3D, and did a bunch of bookstore jaunts, as Mama is doing market research for her book proposal. The day also included no less than 100 stops at various stores so I could “run in and grab something.” My dad chose to stay in the air-conditioned car and rest. ‘Cuz it was day two of no nap for PePaw.

Two observations after yesterday’s adventures:

1) I’m done with 3D movies. Ever. They cost more, for one, which annoys me. For two, I hate wearing dark glasses inside a dark theater. For three, wearing dark glasses in a dark theater diminishes the vibrancy of color in the movie. And for what? So I can see a zebra shooting RIGHT AT ME from the screen?

2) If you already have doubts about writing a book and preparing a book proposal, then definitely go to multiple bookstores visiting their Christian Growth/Inspiration sections. Because then you’d realize chopping your arm off would be much less daunting prospect. Seriously, it was incredibly depressing. I look and look at the thousands of books and think over and over , “Why am I doing this again? Why add to this clutter? Do I really have anything new to say or a new way to say it?” And then King Solomon confirms it with his whole “there’s nothing new under the sun” scripture, and I leave each store defeated, fists shoved into my pockets and head hanging low. (Sigh.) (This isn’t me fishing for compliments, by the way. I’m just being honest.)

Here are a few pics from our adventures in the A-ville yesterday (does anyone call it that? I might have just made that up.):

Fun at lunch

His first 3D movie!

Her bazillionth 3D movie

Bob & Larry. Veggin’ out.

Little feet up close. Aren’t they the cutest??

So that’s our fun in a nutshell. (What in the world does “in a nutshell” mean, anyway?) And now, I need to make a grocery run for the lake fun tonight and the Fourth Festivities tomorrow. And who am I kidding? Take a nap, too (since I’ve been up for three hours now).

Peace out and Happy Fourth, y’all!