Thanksday #92


As soon as church was over last night, Paxton turned to me suddenly and said, “I think I might frow up.” Which for him, usually means he’s exhausted and ready to go to bed, especially since it was literally 10 minutes from his bedtime. So I poo-poo’d his supposed “nausea” and headed out to say goodbye to Greg.

We walked down the hall and suddenly, right there in the hall outside the sanctuary, he lost his dinner. We raced home and he was fine until 10 pm when he kept saying he might throw up but didn’t; he just tossed and turned for four hours and finally fell asleep around 2 am after a pretty significant upchuck.

So I’m incredibly discombobulated today, due to lack of sleep and fear that every minor sensation in my stomach means I’ve caught his stomach bug.

Needless to say, I’m very thankful for:

1. Coffee. I cannot deal with just five hours of sleep. Can. Not. Deal.

2. Lysol. It’s so obviously a fumigation kind of day.

3. Paper Towels. I mentioned this briefly on Facebook the other day — I have a slight obsession with paper towels, and use an extraordinary amount of them every week. There is nothing like the feeling of being down to the end of your last roll…and then coming home from the store with a fresh 6-pack. There really isn’t. I know it’s probably not very eco-friendly and it’s not super cost-effective, but it grosses me out to no end to use cloth to clean countertops and stovetops and all things kitchen and bathroom. And since I’m not a super-duper cleaner in any other way, shape or form, I feel it’s important to at least clean these countertops with excellence. And with the quicker picker-upper.

4. Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner. I became slight addicted to this after staying with my sister-in-law at Thanksgiving, and I even sent her a text of gratitude. It smells divine and can be used on mirrors, counters, and (more!) since it’s also anti-bacterial. Cleaning counters with excellence. It’s our new family motto.

5. Normal Sleep Settings. I mentioned last week how my FitBit is showing very erratic sleeping patterns, which probably explains a general fatigue most days. Well after some investigation, I realized it was set to a “sensitive” sleep setting which pretty much tracks any movement (rolling over) as “restless.” After changing it to “normal” however, it now shows an 80-90% sleep efficiency, versus 50-60%. This doesn’t affect my sleep whatsoever, or make me feel more rested in the morning per se, but instead of stressing out every morning about ineffective sleep, I think, “not bad.”

6. Nitrous Oxide (aka Laughing Gas). I am a 40-year old ninny when it comes to the dentist. And this week I had to get a crown because I AM A QUEEN. (Why is it that just sitting in the waiting room of a dentist’s office makes my inside churn I resort to a fearful nine year-old girl?) When they called me back to the chair, I proudly stood and lifted my head high and looked down my nose like the Dowager Countess and said, “I’d like some nitrous today, please.” And the laughing gas, coupled with my Justin Timberlake album, brought me to a happy, happy place. (With an 85% sleep efficiency.)

7. Downton Abbey. Listen, I adore Downton for all the same reasons you do — the setting, the accents, the clothes, Maggie Smith, the DRAMA. But my most favorite thing about Downton is that IT IS COMMERCIAL-FREE. It’s so nice to watch something recorded and not have to fast-forward through five minutes of commercials every eight minutes. #firstworldproblems

8. New Blog Series. I’m starting a new blog series in a couple of weeks called A Beautiful Life. It’s based on Psalm 16:11 from The Voice, “You direct me on a path that leads to a beautiful life. As I walk with you, the pleasures are never-ending, and I know true joy and contentment.” The reason I’m so excited about it is that I’m going to have four or five of my most favorite bloggers as guests for the series AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THEM! I simply cannot wait to share their beautiful perspectives and watch how God weaves together this amazing kaleidoscope of beauty together. Make sure to tune in on Tuesday, January 25 as we kick off the series!


9. Beanitos Black Bean Chips. When your church corporately does a Daniel Fast, one finds it hard to let go of their tortilla chip and Cheez-It habit. (Or so I hear.) A friend introduced me to the Beanito Black Bean Chip last year during the fast, and I have to admit I am completely addicted. And I feel no guilt eating them during the Fast since they are literally just made of black beans, rice, safflower oil and sea salt. Know this about me, if there is a loophole to be found, I WILL FIND IT.

10. ALL CAPS. Obviously I am a fan of the all caps option today. I have no explanations.

Alright folks, my little sickie is off for his nap to make up for the fact he only got five of his required 12 hours of sleep last night. And that means I’m off to take mine since I only got five of my required seven-and-a-half to eight. Here’s to hoping my nap gives me a solid 90% sleep efficiency.

What are you thankful for this week?

Thanksday #88

I’m not exactly proud to admit this, but I’m going to anyway:

I’m 100%, completely and emphatically obsessed with playing on this solitaire app.


It’s like I turned 82 instead of 40 this year.

And yet I can’t stop playing, because I’m stuck at this score. 745. I CANNOT BREAK IT. And yet, I’m determined to. And so night after night, I sit on the couch and spend a solid 45 minutes or so playing solitaire.

Next thing you know, I’m going to mutter under my breath about the “kids these days” and their rap music and low-hanging pants and complain that the volume on the TV is always too loud.

Or say it loudly to a friend at the local coffee shop.


At any rate, my playing of the solitaire is an indication of what’s been happening in the mountains in the summertime. Which is basically, nothing. Nothing except drizzle, rain, thunderstorms and torrential downpours. We’ve had two windows of precipitation-free weather in which to swim this week, and thusly we went poste haste to the pool to take advantage. (I have no idea if that’s the correct spelling or proper usage of poste haste. But what do I care? SOLITAIRE.)

And the solitaire is also an indication of what Mama needed this week. Because as I’ve said before and will shout from the mountaintops again, LOVE LANGUAGE IS MY QUALITY TIME. And that includes quality time with myself.

Thusly, my thankfuls this week start with:

1. Quality time with myself. Jaana has a VBS camp this week, and since she would be occupied, I decided Paxton needed his own “camp,” too. So off he went to a couple mornings of Mothers Morning Out: Summer Edition. And he loved it, and Jaana loved it, and I LOVED IT. I was able to sit alone in the coffee shop, muttering under my breath about the kids these days and their low-hanging pants and the rap music without interruption of a “mommy!” every 1.75 seconds. And I solitarily played solitaire (just a couple hands, and still — SEVEN FORTY-FIVE.)

2. Thusly. It’s Thursday’s Word of the Day. Use it three times and it’s yours.

3. Watermelon. I think I’ve eaten about 14 entire watermelons this week. I can’t get enough. It’s so delicious. (And I’m searching out the perfect toenail polish that is the exact pinky-red of watermelon and it eludes me. Not even Essie’s “Watermelon” is exact enough. I’d love some suggestions if you have any.)

4. Antibiotics. So a week or so ago, my 9 year-old suddenly came down with her very first case of strep throat. So random. And so for two nights and days, I cared for her and slept with her until she was up and about. Meanwhile, Greg taps out and chases us around with Lysol. Fast forward exactly one week later. We’re in the mega-plex movie theater watching a 3D movie that rhymes with “Hospitable Bee 2” and Greg falls asleep. And then leaves the theater to sit in the car because he doesn’t feel well. After the movie we drive a couple exits up to stop at the Target, and Greg says, “I think I need a doctor.” We backtrack to the CVS Minute Clinic and sure enough, Greg’s got strep throat. So my hat’s off to you, penicillin. Well done.

5. “Hit it, Mommy!” Paxton’s musical obsession right now is Toby Mac, and when we play a song that has a “girl part” in it, I’m allowed to sing. Since he knows every single note and nuance, he’ll tell me right before the “girly part” to “hit it, mommy!” and thusly, it’s my turn to sing. Watch out, TruDog. J-Pax is hot on your tail.

6. Downton Abbey. Because I roll with the early bird special crowd, I’m a little late to this game. But back in January when everyone on Facebook was ranting about Julian Fellowes and how could he do that to Matthew???, I finally got intrigued about this show. I had heard the hype since it first came out, but the time period thing was my hurdle. But January helped me clear it. And in the past six months, I’ve finally finished all three seasons. (Took me way too long, no doubt, but I only allowed myself to watch it while on the treadmill. Or during a Canasta tourney.) I just finished the how could he do that to Matthew??? season-three-ender, and I cannot wait until season four starts. Say what you want to, but I’m a huge fan of Mary. I’m rooting for her every episode. I feel like her and I could sit in the library playing solitaire together, talking or not talking, for hours. (10 points if you get that reference.)

7. Ultra-Low No-Show Socks. One of life’s biggest jokes is the no-show sock. Because everyone knows the no-show sock actually shows. And honestly, yes. I should be more concerned with a lot of other plights across the globe. (Like I know there are some third-world countries that don’t have a solitaire app!) But I have wielded my sword and fallen hard on it, and finally (finally!) found (at Wal-Mart no less), an ultra-low no-show sock. And they really don’t show.

8. Hoosiers. Not the real Hoosiers. But my version — when my beloved Washington State University Cougars show up in Auburn, Alabama to play the Auburn University Tigers on Auburn’s home turf on Saturday, August 31. And some beloved friends of ours have offered me their tickets to this game (thusly, they are Auburn fans but unable to attend), and I’m trying to work out a way to get to this game in person, with someone who also cares about WSU football. (And those people only exist where you have to play a lot to fly to Alabama.) But I’m dying to be one of the only two crimson & gray wearers in a sea of orange and blue war eagle! (tiger?) cries, shouting out our extremely long and not catchy fight song. Because, to the death! Ultra-low no-show socks and the Cougs! Together at last!

9. Rainy Summer Cleaning. Innocently, I went to work out on the Fourth of July (to finish the how could he do that to Matthew??? episode), and when I came home, Greg met me with a “come upstairs” request that sounded decidedly not fun. I begrudgingly go upstairs and find all closets in total disarray. Apparently, my husband suddenly grew weary (after two very quick years) of living in unclean and disorganized surroundings. (As if.) Meeting me at the top of the stairs were four enormous piles of junk from all the upstairs closets. I was instructed to go through and identify what we could throw out and what we could keep. It took ages and made us really pare down to necessary things and not just board games with half the necessary items missing. And what was left behind were clean, organized closets and a husband who grew increasingly ecstatic with every “toss it” I uttered. And while it made us very late for the party we were heading to, it felt really, really good to drive to that party knowing our closets were free of all skeletons. (Except that one.) And now it feels really, really good not to have to come up with excuses as to why I haven’t initiated this all on my own, and I’m good for another two years. Score!

10. Jewelry Surgery. I’ve been known to put on latex gloves and a surgical mask to do surgery to my jewelry. I’ve taken post earrings and made them hooks. I’ve taken beads from earrings and put them on necklaces. I’m a huge fan of making Frankensteins of my jewelry box. This week I got another Stitch Fix package, and for the very first time, it was the first one where there wasn’t any item of clothing I kept. (Well, there was one I wanted to keep, but somehow they forgot I don’t spend $148 on anything, let alone a blue shirt.) But the necklace they sent was beautiful. Long, delicate gold chain with a large, teardrop-style turquoise stone. BUT, it had a starfish. Yep. I decided to keep it, because I knew I could perform surgery with these magical and solitaire-worthy fingers. So I kept it and took off the starfish. And now, I’m a happy camper-slash-starfish-killer. It’s a win-win.

So there you go. I know it’s not much, but that’s all I got.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got enough time to squeeze in just a couple quick hands of solitaire.

What are you thankful for this week?