Tuesday’s Morning

PSALM 19-01

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David’s lyrical writing, detailed analogies and ability to show-not-tell convince me when I’m the most doubtful that God is a huge fan of writing.

May your Tuesday morning sun

Wake from the tent

And burst forth on your day

With zeal and fervor

Smiling and showering you with kisses

From God Himself.

Are you eager to face your challenge today?


Fan of Passion?

I’m honored to participate in our pastor’s current sermon series, “#1 Fan?” as a guest writer. Here is the sixth installment — you can find the others by clicking here.


I pulled out some old prayer journals the other day. Journals documenting verses I’ve read and prayers I’ve prayed and emotions I experienced  — all recorded in mechanical pencil (always mechanical pencil), in carefully selected journals with lines that are light (not dark) and not too wide and not too narrow.

I remember vividly every detail surrounding those mornings that I’d get up for my quiet time and write in those carefully selected pages. Opening my bedroom door silently and tip-toeing downstairs trying not to let Jaana, my perpetual light sleeper, hear a peep. Padding downstairs in my fuzzy slippers and long gray sweater and turning on the coffee with more than a little glee. Settling into the oversized chair with my Bible, warm blanket and carefully selected journal and mechanical pencil — and picking up in Psalms wherever I left off. Always in Psalms.

It was those mornings that made me fall in love with words of David and with the God of David. Morning after morning, it was words like

Both day and night belong to you; you made the starlight and the sun. You set the boundaries of the earth, and you made both summer and winter. (Psalm 74:16-17, NLT)


In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. (Psalm 19:4-5)

that would swirl in my head like music and inspired me to love David’s God as much as He did. And it was words like

Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. (Psalm 57:8)

that wooed me out of a dark room and cozy bed to steal moments away with my God before the rest of the world could battle over my mind and my heart and my treasure and my time.

Isn’t it fascinating how God authored His book in so many varying ways? All His authority, but writers who speak to differing souls and personalities and spirits. For some, the wisdom of Solomon satisfies their need for common sense and logic. For others, the historical accounts in Exodus and the Samuels feed their curiosity and desire for facts. For others still, it’s the black and white directives of Paul that stir their heart toward obedience. And for some like me, it’s the poetry of David that entices me to get to know this God of Israel on a level that makes music in my soul.

For God is smart, you see. He knew once you are drawn in by whichever author you prefer, you just can’t help but want to read the rest of it, too.

The differing authors and varied styles all hand-picked by David’s God are for one divine purpose…

…to woo you into reading His words.

…to stir you to awaken the dawn and settle in with your pencil and your journal and to read the love story He wrote just for you.

…to protect you with the same boundaries He set for the earth and cover and shade you while you let the words of His truth wash over your head and pour onto your toes and slowly and gently, yet passionately, call you to love Him more than you already do.

…to ignite the zeal that flickers in your core and turn it into a blaze that requires Him to pitch a tent just for you.

Bid your soul to awaken, and it will…for it was created to.