October Randomness

I’ve succumbed to the sickness. I fought the good fight and tried to power through it, but the sore throat has now moved into a chest cough and I now sound like I smoke a pack of menthols every few hours. So sexy. Maybe I should change my voice mail greeting? Or maybe I’ll have that gritty-soulful sound at choir tomorrow night. That would be fun.

Random thoughts:

1. Flatbread. This stuff rocks. And my new go-to breakfast is a fried egg sandwich with provolone and turkey on toasted flatbread. Deeee-lish.

2. Boots. I got some really good news last week and was able to talk Greg into celebrating with a new pair of boots for me. Finally! They’re no Fryes, but I love them nonetheless. Now I can stop obsessing. (Until next fall, natch.)

3. Up All Night. I love, love, love, love this show. Love. Did I say love? ‘Cuz I love it.

4. Come out, come out wherever you areWhat ever happened to the Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.? And I really would love to see a Real Housewives of Dallas. And Fargo, ‘cuz I’d love to see the Prada version of ski masks and to-your-ankles down coats.

5. Boohaha. Have you seen these pictures of people freaking out in a haunted house? If you’re experiencing a lull today, or feeling a little down, just check it out. A guaranteed laugh.

6. Curl up and die. We had our annual fall family photos this weekend, which meant it was also the annual “why can’t I stay consistent with working out” self-flagellation. I loved my nail polish and my new boots, so at least there’s that.

I thought it would be fun to do something new with my stick-straight hair, so I decided to curl it. So I hair sprayed, then curled, then hair sprayed again. After 10 minutes the curl fell out, so I started over. Spray a section, curl it, spray the section while on the curling iron, repeat around my whole head. After another 10 minutes, the curl fell out again, and I repeated this process no less than four times. And by the time we arrived to the photos, it was pretty stick-straight again. The five actual minutes that the curl held, my hair totally rocked and made me consider for a brief second getting a spiral perm. But I couldn’t find anyone willing to do it.

7. You know you’re sick whenyou pick up a bottle of Dr. Pepper from the grocery and you never, ever drink Dr. Pepper.

8. All write. Jaana’s class is doing pen-pals with other kids in another state, and she found out yesterday hers is a boy named Lloyd. (?!?)

9. If you like it then you’d better put a coat on it. I’ve been working on painting Jaana’s headboard and footboard for about two weeks. And I’m only done with one side of each. I am an awesome procrastinator.

10.  Midas touch. My nails are gold right now. Greg hates it but I think it’s fun. But I’ll probably take it all off and redo it a deep wine color tomorrow. ’Cuz I’m crazy like that.

Gotta run, time for a menthol break. Peace!

Tuesday Randomocity

I kinda sorta had a lot of fun with last Tuesday’s random list of a post — so I think I’m going to do it again.

How exciting for you!

1. A softer edgeWordPress has changed their favicons (the image that shows up with the URL in the address bar). Instead of being just squares, they now have rounded corners. Interesting…but what does it mean?

2. Quack. Greg turned on Duck Dynasty for the first time the other night, and proceeded to watch back-to-back episodes, and then even recorded one. I caught a few minutes of it in between my busy workings on my laptop, and actually chuckled quite a bit. And by a bit, I mean a lot. Who are we??

3. Rainy Days and Mondays. It has rained the last three Mondays in a row. Considering Monday is one of my run-outside-alone days, this has (literally) put a damper on my progress. Looks like I’ll be heading to our clubhouse with Paxton and attempt an elliptical workout that will be interrupted every 5 minutes. “Mommy! Have you seen my Gravedigger monster truck?” “Sure…buddy…be…right…there,” she huffs and puffs while pausing the machine yet. again. Maybe this can be considered interval training?

4. Hilarity. We had good friends in town this weekend, and I highly recommend laughing until you cry. It’s good for the soul. What I don’t recommend is both you and your husband getting sick while said friends are in town. That’s bad for the football-watching party.

5. Boots. It’s a disease. Can’t. stop. looking.

6. Bleach. I accidentally got a red shirt mixed in with a load of whites and guess who has pink t-shirts? Greg. I doused them all in bleach and re-washed them, but I won’t know for another hour how that turned out. Even one of mine got pink’d, so it honestly wasn’t malicious. Just a rookie mistake. (See? I really need hired help around here.)

7. Nails. I bought new nail polish yesterday — one is a black and gun-metal sparkle mix. I really like it in the bottle but haven’t used it yet, because at second glance, I’m beginning to think maybe it looks more like a dirty ashtray.

8. Put a lid on it. Day three of sporting some sort of a cap. I heart you fall.

9. Confession. I sort of snapped at Jaana this morning at the exact moment she was exiting the car to walk into school. It wasn’t a huge thing, but I drove away feeling horrible. I detest starting mornings like that, yet it just always seems to happen. It was this feeling that finally forced me to sign up for Lysa TerKeurst’s No More Unglued Mama Mornings 5-Day Challenge. (Big sigh.)

10. Wetting my palate. Have you ever noticed the more water you drink, the thirstier you are?

Enough of the random. Time for me to wake up the little man and go pick up Jaana for school and do something fun to make up for my unglued morning.

Share some of your randomness with me — it’s only fair!