I posted this as a note on Facebook a few weeks ago, and just really felt like someone might need to hear this. If that’s you, be encouraged. God is so pleased with you.

These hydrangeas live at a nearby vacant house. Each summer, I walk over and clasp my hands in pleasure over their vibrant cornflower color and massive size.

These flowers, they bloom and stand tall and beautiful even when they aren’t tended to, and so do many others all around our wild and natural neighborhood. The small ones, the large ones, the unnoticed ones, the ones no one is pruning or cultivating or replanting — they continue to live.

And not just live — they thrive.

In those hidden places and the unknown places there’s no one to notice. No one to watch them grow and see their progress. No one to watch the first unfolding toward the sun.

Does that matter? Should they stop blooming?

I wonder if they bloom just for God, for His pleasure. I wonder if they notice whether or not they are seen and appreciated by human eyes…and if they do, do they care?

After all, they are just doing what they are called to do.

Bloom and bring beauty to the world they live in, even if it goes unnoticed.

Friend, you are a blooming flower.

Standing tall and boasting vibrant color and intricate beauty. Does anyone notice you? Are your biggest and brightest moments missed by human eyes?

It doesn’t matter.

Bloom for God, for His pleasure. Not caring if anyone notices, because you are just doing what you are called to do.

Bloom, my friend. Bloom and bring beauty into the world you live in.

“Kindness, peace, love—may they never stop blooming in you and from you.” (Jude 2)