Thanksday #91


(tap, tap, tap)

Check one, two…check one, two, three…

Is this thing on?


Hi, my name is Monica and it’s been FOUR MONTHS since my last Thanksday.

(My penance will be abstaining from the Cheez-It.)

I know, four months. It’s pretty ridiculous. It’s not that I haven’t been thankful — because believe you me, the thanks are thick — I’ve just been focused on some other things. Like kids and husband and kids and husband in school and this BE thing, and because of all that, I’ve let this little ol’ blog slide. But as I mentioned on one of our BE podcasts recently, I miss my Thanksdays. I miss being silly and letting loose. I miss keeping track of my thankfuls in Evernote. I miss the consistency of writing each week.

And mostly I miss your comments about what you’re thankful for. Those always make me laugh and inspire me to no end.

So I’m stretching and creaking and blowing off the cobwebs and getting this ship pointed back in the right direction. (Did you hear my knees just crack?)

Without further ado, thankfuls this week are (in no particular order):

1. 9 am School Starts. My kids’ school and preschool both start at 9 am. And it is the most wonderful, blessed thing on the face of the earth. I cannot count how many mornings I’ve blowed dry my hair at 8:15 am and thought, “Thank you GOD that school doesn’t start until 9!” Our mornings are smooth(er) and calm(er) than they would be if we all rushed around like crazy people to leave the house at 7:40. It would be pandemonium. Chaos. Anarchy! (I’d be the anarchist, purposely making them tardy every. single. day.)

2. FitBit. I got a FitBit over Christmas break and I’m in love. It’s the Flex — I wear it on my wrist and it tracks everything I do, from showering to walking around the house to sleeping. I’ve linked it to my Lose It account and so I am keeping meticulous track of activity and food, and it’s been incredibly insightful for me. (Such as, I like to eat. Who knew??) In fact, I’ve discovered since I got it that my sleep patterns are totally whack. Every single night, it seems I follow the pattern of restless sleep for 10 minutes, restful sleep for 30. Restless for 10, restful for 30. And that happens all night every night. No wonder I’m a fatigued mess and IV coffee all day long. Just have to figure out what to do to fix that. Any ideas??

3. Down Time. I started something new this week — I won’t call it a “resolution” per se, but a plan to be more intentional at home. From 5 o’clock each day until the kids go to bed, I put down the computer, phone and iPad, and allow myself to be present. This not only provides down time for me, but makes me more aware of the kids and the house and helps me to slow down and enjoy our evenings. It’s made our nights (really, it’s made ME) more relaxed and enjoyable…and while the kids might be playing on the stuff and doing other things, I’m not. I’m just there in the mix with them…ready if they need me or are asking me anything. It’s been a blessing for me.

4. Vanilla Creme Liquid Stevia. I’m trying to limit my artificial sweetener intake and use just pure Stevia when necessary. But since most coffee shops and restaurants don’t carry it, I bought a bottle in the Vanilla Creme flavor to keep in my purse everywhere I go. I’m sure I look incredibly sketch doing it — like I’m sneaking drops of liquid crack into my coffee — but it’s working for me. Score.

5.  Aloneness. I admit, I’m that weird mom who loves having her kids home from break. I was fervently praying we’d have a couple snow/bad weather days to stay home after the new year to prolong school just a little. bit. longer. I love the lack of schedule, the hanging out in PJs, the laughter and giggles, naps — all of it. HOWEVER. Now that the kids are back, my introverted self who thrives on silence and being alone has been very, very happy and has a much fuller energy tank after a couple mornings alone in her house. Just sitting here by the sunny window in an eerily quiet house with my hot stevia’d coffee warms the cockles of my heart. Yes, the cockles of my heart.

6. HCJ and AI. Listen, I haven’t watched American Idol in years. Once Simon left I couldn’t care less about the show. So I’ve had no intentions of watching Idol ever again. Until. One night, mindlessly watching TV and reading, I heard that smooth voice and charming personality leap through the screen into the living room. I looked up in amazement as I saw Harry Connick, Jr as a judge for the upcoming season. And in a split nano-second, I decided I AM ALL IN. I will be watching every single episode all season long. I’m back, I’m hooked, I might actually call in and vote. Well played, Idol.

7. Be Still Be FreeI am beyond blessed that God has allowed me to be a part of this amazing thing He’s doing with BE. Week after week, with every podcast and post, He is so faithful to us. I shake my head in amazement often.

8. Seat Warmers. It was a balmy 1-degree earlier this week. Need I say more?

9. A Hilarious Husband. There is no one — not a single one — who makes me laugh as much as my husband does. This has been a particularly hilarious week, and I’m beyond thankful for a spouse who loves to enjoy life, not just live it.

10. Grown-up Furniture. For the first time in our marriage we have a real dresser. And real nightstands. And our master bedroom — for the first time in almost 11 years — isn’t the shabbiest room in the house with all the leftovers. #whatadifference

Well friends, that felt good. Real good. I guess Thanksday blogging is really like riding a bike.

Steely. Out.

What are you thankful for this week?

12 thoughts on “Thanksday #91

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  2. Sleeplessness??? Do you need a sleep study?? We’ve had them in my family, and now I use CPAP machine as well as a son and dtr. Two more sons should have this study. It can be inherited from family and so it is in ours. Think on it!!! Good sleep, REM type, is so important to good health and long life!!!

  3. Oh how I have missed this list. I wanted to email you so many times but decided not to pressure. Welcome back! Please don’t wait 4 months again. I agree with the late school time. We had two late arrival days this week due to cold temps and it was glorious. It threw little one off a bit but it was awesome not having to be out the door until 9ish. I too have not watched Idol in several seasons but am a huge fan of Harry Connick Jr. I might watch a few and see how it goes. Your hubby is indeed a funny one. MIss him :(
    I am thankful Scott has a job going into the New Year. We are hopeful this will be a year for steady work.

  4. Oooh, my favorite! Thanksdays are back. WOOT!
    1. You. I’m thankful for you.
    2. Quiet time this week to reflect, plan, and deal.
    3. New financial restrictions that have helped me clear the dross of the unecessary.
    4. Space. We’ve been clearing things Out The House, and if feels gooooood!
    5. Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte. Back on the healthy train and this is one little indulgence that I greatly appreciate as I pine for my Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate slathered donut. Just keepin’ it real.
    6. The Be Podcast. It feeds me in very spiritually healthy girlfriend type ways. Thank you!

    Now, ’bout that sleep issue… I have thoughts. We’ll chat?

  5. Thank you for sharing about thankfulness! So important to look at the positive in this world of negative things! Regarding your comment in #2, I have some ideas that should prove very helpful and would love to talk to you when you get a chance.

  6. I have missed this blog too Monica. I like BE but I love you. So, I’m thankful for:

    1. This blog. It makes me laugh. I love your transparency Monica.
    2. That the Lord is really working in my life and I know it. I don’t necessarily like where I am but I am in acceptance and that is HUGE growth for me.
    3. For the gift of sobriety. I know the difference between freedom and struggling. I was sober for 7 years, became a Christian, started drinking again for 2 years, struggled to get sober again for 5 years, and now have been sober again 9 years on January 30th!!! woo hoo!! By the GRACE of Jesus Christ only.
    4. For my job. I make less money than I did in 1989 and now I have a masters degree, but I am happy and walking in my calling.
    5. My husband. He is the BEST gift next to my sobriety the Lord has given me. I deserved neither. Tom is solid as a rock and I love that.
    6. My parents. Without them I could have NEVER made it this far in life. They are the best, most loyal people. They never gave up on me. I appreciate them with everything that I am.
    7. Friends. I love all my friends. I have so many wonderful people in my life. I am sooo blessed.
    8. That I started writing this list because now I am filled with so much joy. :)

  7. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!! I’m so glad to see this!! I’ve missed it. But, hey, no pressure.
    I’m thankful for winter scarves. I love wrapping them around my neck. I’m thinking about taking a course on expert scarf arrangement.

    I’m thankful for bones filled with peanut butter and frozen . It keeps my golden retriever youngster Mattie happy and still. and if she’s happy and still I’m ecstatic.

    I’m thankful for running into friends unexpectedly. It brings joy to my day.

  8. Seat warmers are up there this week for me too! An extra “snow” day with Chris. Finding a gluten free, wheat free, egg free, soy free chocolate chip cookie, and still sort of tastes good, has been my biggie this week. That and God telling this chicky – hey, I’ve got this, slow down and simmer for a bit. I’m learning that slow cooking something on the stove really can bring the flavor out and breaks down even the hardest bones into the most delicious soup. Missed ya gal!

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