No Vacancy

Rooms available

There is NO. ROOM. at this inn.

Why? Well…

I wrote for almost THIRTY ONE DAYS IN A ROW the same month we launched This Thing.

And then it was Halloween and I wore an afro.

FROS copy

And then it was November and our church had a luau. (Because of course!)


And I wrote about naked trees and emptiness.

And now it’s just days (DAYS!) before Thanksgiving and I feel sort of out of words.

Especially since I’m verbally expressing a few words here and here.

I just don’t know if I’m going to have many words here for the next few weeks. Because The Elf is making a return soon and the church Christmas production is coming up and then Paxton’s 4th birthday and good grief I have to shop and wrap and decorate!

All this to say — consider this fair warning that this place may be a little closed for business for the next few weeks as I focus on BEING with my family and friends over the holidays. I know that goes against everything PLATFORM — but whatevs. Jesus didn’t forsake His being to focus on His platform, now did He?

(I just Jesus Juke’d my own self.)

(There should be a law.)

Please make sure to check out Be Still Be Free in my absence, because this is The Thing that has most of my focus and attention in this particular season, and rightfully so. It’s the bomb-diggity, yo. Supa-phly with a ‘ph’ and all that jazz.

I love you to pieces, and receive all the grace you’re throwing my way.

Wishing you an incredible, gravy-and-jellied-cranberry-full Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “No Vacancy

  1. I feel ya. If anyone understand the whole ‘out of words’ thing, it is I. So do yo thang, girl! Focus on BEING with your family and enjoying this season with them. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and I’ll be looking forward to your words when you return. *hugs*

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