Be Healthy: Podcast


It’s ironical and also hilarious how God will — every single week — put me in situations that test the exact characteristic that we discuss over in our podcast at Be Still Be Free.

Like the week we talked about honesty, and I had come face-to-face with some ugliness in my heart.

And the week we discussed contentment and all the holiday catalogs showed up and I wanted everything n-e-w.

And today — today we’re discussing what it means to BE emotionally healthy — and how just because you feel something doesn’t make it true; how we need to sit with our emotions and feelings and not immediately react to them.


Because something happened just today that made me want to tweet something really passively-aggressively snarky in an attempt to snub someone who doesn’t even know I know something.

(I just wore myself out writing that, I’m so sorry you had to read it.)

My emotions got the best of me and I just wanted to react, you know??

So I need this week’s podcast probably more than anyone else.

But you’ll definitely get something out of it, too. I promise.

Hop on over to Be Still Be Free and listen to the episode. My good friend Tracy Hurst is a guest on the show today, and she’s a licensed professional counselor, author, speaker, and all-around awesome friend. She knows what she’s talking about, y’all!

You are going to be wrecked in the best possible way!

p.s. We have opened up a shop at BE! Buy yourself and your friends some really cool BE stuff for Christmas — phone cases, iPad cases, mugs, throw pillows, hoodies and more! You’ll love it!


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