Being Honest (31 Days #28)

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I tried to write from Allume the first two days, but I just couldn’t put things into words, and I’m not sure I can yet. But I can say I have a lot to process. As in, miles and miles to process. As in, this weekend left me with a multitude of opportunities to be honest with myself, and I didn’t like most of it.

Until I can sift it all down into brain-wrappable thoughts, I wanted to let you know that episode 4 of the Be Still Be Free podcast is live today! Today starts a 5-week series called Be Good To Yourselfand over the next five weeks we’ll discover what it means to Be Honest, Be Content, Be Emotionally & Mentally Healthy, Be Spiritually & Physically Healthy and Be Beautiful.

Y’all, it’s going to be a soul-churning few weeks.

In a good way. I hope.

So click on over to Be Still Be Free to read the post, get tips on practical application, free downloads and additional resources, and listen to the podcast.

And I’ll be back Tuesday either with thoughts about Allume, or random thoughts about Being a Unicorn or something like that.

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