Being Realistic (31 Days #24)

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I’m heading to the Allume Conference today. It’s going to be three days and nights of learning and being inspired and laughing and drinking coffee and socializing.

And I get to hear Ann Voskamp and Melanie Shankle and Jennie Allen and Holley Gerth and a whole slew of others live and in person. 

(Oh dear…green is so not your color.)


I’m definitely going to try to continue posting in this 31 days series while I’m there. Because honestly, I’m loving the challenge of writing daily and I’ve already come so far! I don’t want to quit now!


I’m also a realist. The schedule is jam-packed, and I want to fully engage with the people I’ve looked forward to meeting in person for months and months. AND. MONTHS.

So if I don’t post, I’d appreciate you throwing grace at confetti at me so I can dance in it freely, understanding I’m too busy being to do.

Because after all, isn’t practicing being the most important part of this process? Even more than writing about it?

(And collectively we all yell, YES and AMEN!)

(And can we have a moment to acknowledge I’m not organized enough to have posts queued up and ready to go?)


I can’t wait to share about Allume with you! 


One thought on “Being Realistic (31 Days #24)

  1. Enjoy Monica!! Have a blast…I’m throwen confetti your way. Absorb all you can from the Lord and the ladies there for your own personal refreshing.

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