Being Obedient (31 Days #7)

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Obedience to God is hard.

He often says no to the things you want (or at least the things you think you want). And getting past that is hard, sometimes. So very hard. Because you question why He brought you down the path to begin with if it was just going to end with you smashing your face into a brick wall. But because somewhere deep down you trust His will more than your own (even if you can’t find it right away), you walk away.

Because you’re being obedient.

And then time passes.

And you remember to focus on being still, and as you’re still you remember He is God. And as you know Him, your trust is built and your hope restored. And you just might actually thank Him for the path ending into that brick wall…after you rub your nose in remembrance of the smash.

And suddenly one day, a new path emerges and because you’ve been still and because you know Him, you take the new path without even realizing you’ve changed course. You’re just walking along, knowing Him and being and suddenly you realize everything is new and you stop and look around with wide eyes and think, “woah.”

Woah, y’all.

God has started a new path and I woke up one day and was on it. It’s nothing I could have imagined or conceived a year and a half ago. The best part is that it’s brought me so much closer to Him as He’s taught me what it means to BE.

I was still and as I was I got to know Him.


I told you on Saturday that there’s this new Thing called BE. And BE, for now, is weekly 30-minute podcasts that focus each week on what it means to BE a characteristic of Christ; podcasts that focus on how when we give ourselves permission to BE first, the doing will follow more naturally and with more anointing.

And today is the first day of the podcast launch. Be Still Be Free / The Be-Cast: Episode 1 (INTRODUCTION) is now live.

Run, don’t walk, over to the Be Still Be Free website to read the introductory blog post, find other links to the podcast (if iTunes isn’t your thing) and also get some other freebies — printables, free iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers and more.

I still can’t believe this thing is A Thing.

I’m still working towards embracing obedience with God. It’s not something you do with incredible ease and joy every time. There are times when it happens quickly. But sometimes He’s asking for your Isaac — your beloved one and only — and that is a wrestling match between God and your heart that leaves you limping every time.

But one thing is certain — even when it breaks you, it’s always worth it.

He’s always worth it.

“Do you think all God wants are sacrifices—empty rituals just for show? He wants you to listen to him! Plain listening is the thing, not staging a lavish religious production. Not doing what God tells you is far worse than fooling around in the occult.” (1 Samuel 15:22, The Message)

2 thoughts on “Being Obedient (31 Days #7)

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  2. “You take the new path without even realizing you’ve changed course.” YES- that is exactly how it seems to go for me, too. Loving this series. Feeling another talk coming on, hmmm??? ;)

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