Be Still Be Free (31 Days #5)

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Here’s what happens when we allow ourselves to BE;  when we allow ourselves to be in the process of and we let go of control and allow God to do His thing:

He actually shows up and does His thing.

It’s CRAZY how that happens.

A year ago, after I went to a writers conference and Jesus told me “It’s not about the book,” a friend reached out to me with a vision. And in two coffee shop meetings that were a few hours long, we birthed this thing.

(And we keep calling it a “thing” because “ministry” just doesn’t feel like the right word, and “venture” is too corporate and we just don’t have The Word to describe it yet.)

So we birthed this thing, and this Thing is named BE.

It was originally going to be a magazine and yet every time we tried to move forward with it, there was no peace, no confirmation. So we gave ourselves permission to stop doing and to sit with BE and live out the message we felt God was leading us to share.

And suddenly one day…a random weekday with no special significance…we knew it would be a podcast. Like knew knew, down deep in our bones and in the center of our spirits and God breathed His confirmation and so now this Thing is real.

And this Thing is called BE.

The heart of BE is to inspire women to flip-flop their thinking and to first become be’ers and then doers. That the doing will follow more naturally and with a greater anointing after you’ve learned to BE first.

BE launches on Monday. But I want to share more of the heart behind it and the vision, so please click here to read more. And then make sure you subscribe and follow on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest so you don’t miss a single moment of BEING.

What an adventure.

Won’t you come along for the ride?

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