Being Guided (31 Days #4)


God speaks, you know?

He speaks and He connects the dots at the end of our question marks and sometimes He turns them into periods, and other times, exclamation points.

I wrote yesterday about my struggle with stillness — how I’m trying to figure out if I’m supposed to be still or participate. And how being still isn’t an act of doing but more a state of mind.

And this morning, as I was alone and it was quiet and the just-now-turning leaves blew gently outside the window, I opened email and read this:

Let the dust settle after the flurry of recent developments. Take time to breathe and gain new perspective of where you are and where you’re headed. Be calm and maintain spiritual strength, never forgetting that I am the sustainer of your strength. Be bold and courageous and bide your time in faith, says the Lord, for I am with you at all times. Psalm 27:1, ‘The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’

And it was such a welcome contrast to the email I had earlier in the week that tore me. Instead of the words rising up in dark blue to steal my still, they floated into my spirit in calm green and everything in me exhaled and sank deeper in the best possible way. It was as if He was telling me,

Be still, my child. Don’t do still. BE it. Sink in — sink further and deeper. Let your heart burst wide open with hope in Me. 

It’s BE and BEING and sinking into the lap of God and riding the current of HIS flight.

Before the 31 Days officially started, I wrote out a numbered list from 1-31 of what each day of this series was going to look like. And here it is, day four, and I’ve not followed the “script” yet. And I couldn’t feel fuller. I love being in this process of writing, and riding this current. I made my plans and was prepared and that is great and necessary; but being guided by The One who is taking me places I couldn’t have imagined…that’s the adventure, the thrill, the exhilaration of the journey. (tweet)

That’s where we sit back and relax and close our eyes and feel the warmth on our face. Where we let our hair fly wildly in the wind, oblivious to the destination but soaking in the ride.

And I think…I think that’s the abundant part of living.

You know?

2 thoughts on “Being Guided (31 Days #4)

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I do know. God speaks. And when we listen and obey, it truly is the abundant part of living. Loved this and how it was guided completely by God. So wonderful and inspiring, my friend. What a great way to end my night. Tomorrow I’ll catch up on your Being, Day 2.

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