These Moments

When my kids make my heart leap and their laughter fills my soul and I suddenly realize I am so incredibly blessed.


When my husband has a hard day and God gives me peace and shows me how to pray.


When I look in the mirror and am satisfied with who I see, instead of wishing she were something or someone else.


When a relationship starts taking a turn for the better.


When I wake up feeling rested instead of tireder than when I went to bed.


When the house is tidy, but not perfect.


When I let go of the pressure to do, and just allow myself to be.


These are the moments I choose remember…

…when my kids are bickering and arguing.

…when the urge to defend my husband rises.

…when the mirror tells me I’m not enough or I’m too much.

…when a relationship takes two steps backwards.

…when I sleep poorly and am irritable all day long.

…when the house is perpetually a mess and no one is picking up after themselves.

…when all I do is do, and it never feels like enough.

These moments are what I cling to when life shows up and tries to persuade me otherwise.

These moments are the ones that define, shape, mold and transform.

These moments — these God-breathed, peace-giving moments — remind me of Who has everything in the palm of His hand.

“Just as the mountains around Jerusalem embrace her, the Eternal, too, wraps around those who belong to Him— for this moment and for every moment to come.” (Psalm 125:2, The Voice)