Thanksday #85


It has been a sweet forever since I’ve done a Thanksday. Seven months in fact. And it’s actually been 11 months since I’ve done an old-fashioned, list version.

So I woke up this morning at five-stinkin’-forty-five AM! with a splitting headache and couldn’t fall back asleep. And after chasing three Advil with a vanilla protein shake, I said to myself, “Well shoot fire. I feel like I need me a good, old-fashioned Thanksday.”

Because evidently I like to channel my inner Clampett when I’m riddled with head pain before the dawn.

So friends, buckle up and brace yourselves, ‘cuz this is going to be mighty mediocre.

Things I’m thankful for this week:

1. Advil.

2. Mini Bobby Pins. Back in January I decided I needed fancy, swoopy bangs, and I adored them. Adored! I felt very sophisticated, and more importantly, it covered up my stress wrinkle in between my eyebrows. But as sophisticated as swoopy bangs are, make no mistake — they are very high-maintenance. (Or more accurately, they are very high-maintenance for someone who avoids washing her hair every day simply because she hates blow drying her hair.) And so I started planning ahead to summer, and thinking about all the time at the pool and how on earth am I going to maintain swoopy bangs when they’ll dry funny after swimming with my kids? So I started growing them out. But pinning them back made the regular bobby pins stick out like a lightening rod. Then one fine day at the library, a friend showed me her mini bobby pins — in her hair, right that second! —  and now my life is forever changed.

3. A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet. Boo Mama’s book just released Tuesday, and I’m halfway through it. And when I tell you it’s funny, I mean that in a laugh-so-hard-you-make-funny-noises-and-are-worried-your-husband-will-come-into-the-bedroom-thinking-you’re-wheezing-to-death-and-you’re-afraid-you-might-wet-the-bed way.

4. SCHOOL. IS. OVER. I gave up on school somewhere around April 13th. And after reading this post from Jen Hatmaker, I felt completely fine with that.

5. Potty Trained Toddlers. Do you know what makes going to the pool with the kids one thousand percent more fun this summer? Not having to use swimmie diapers. And do you know what makes trips to The Big City or elsewhere a lot easier to pack for? Not having to load up a small suitcase with diapers and wipes. There is so much less to pack when your kids get older, it’s a freedom that ranks right up there with waking up at seven thirty like a normal person without a splitting headache.

6. Summer TV Programming. A guilty pleasure of mine just started it’s new season this week, and it was everything I expected it would be. I won’t tell you what show it is for fear of judgment, but suffice it to say, it embarrasses my husband to no end that I watch it. To which I reply, “Umm, hello? WWE?” And then he sighs loudly and shakes his head while I snuggle smugly under the blanket and crank up the volume. (Don’t judge me!)

7. Beach. We leave Sunday straight from church to head to the beach. I. CAN’T. WAIT. I’m in the worst way desperate for some fun and sun and relaxation with my people. And I’m ready for Paxton to get just enough sun on his white body to not look like a vampire.

8. Frownies. I’m going to be straight up honest with you because there’s no shame in this game. I will do anything I can to eliminate this stress wrinkle in between my eyebrows. Anything. Because here’s the truth — I could care less about the parentheses around my mouth, or the lines around my eyes, or the other forehead wrinkles — that’s all normal aging stuff and proof that I like to laugh. But this stress wrinkle is one that is 100% related to life stress and trauma, not aging, therefore qualifies for removal in my book. So I recently purchased Frownies. (And yes, I’m absolutely aware of the ridicule that is to follow.) (And yes, Greg has, in fact, ridiculed me to no end already.) I have only been using them for a couple weeks, and I forget to do it most nights, so I doubt anything will ever change. But it’s worth a shot. And if these don’t end up working, I will one day get collagen and botox. And then some fine afternoon when I show up at the Ingles with a perfectly smooth between-the-eyebrows space, I will unashamedly proclaim, “It’s a miracle! Jesus healed me!

9. Advil. Did I mention that already?

10. Laughter. Maybe it’s because we’re so excited about school being over. Or maybe it’s because we’re so excited to go to the beach. Or maybe it’s because Mommy is choosing to lighten up a little bit. I’m just not sure. But regardless, the kids and I have laughed a lot this week. A lot. And it feels really good. And I spur-of-the-moment decided to take the kids swimming the other night at 5 o’clock, and totally rocked Jaana’s world with my random spontaneity.

So here’s to a summer chock full of more laughter and spontaneity!

And Advil!

And waking up after seven thirty like normal people!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a nap.

What are you thankful for this week?


3 thoughts on “Thanksday #85

  1. Oh, how I have missed your Thanksday list. Welcome back! I have a feeling we indulge in the same shows too. I have not had a chance to watch first episode yet though. I hope this lists continue. Have a great beach trip.

  2. I so heart you, Monica! You simply MUST message me privately about #6. I’m just bettin’ (how’s that for Clampett Speak???) we share a few favorites! Sun, sand, ocean, peace, quiet, sleep, and ICE CREAM – I pray God just pours out blessing and rest on this time away with your sweet family, friend.

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