not-so-happy endings (a thought collective)

It’s been heavy lately. Really heavy. First my unofficial sabbatical, then the sick that’s lingered around me for 8+ days now, and then the cancellation of one of my most favorite shows ever, Happy Endings.

(I knew the move-to-Friday was a nail in the coffin, but prayed an eclectic group of hipsters that wear non-prescription black-framed glasses and skinny jeans would discover it on the Friday night death slot and resurrect it.)

(Because evidently, two close-to-middle-aged parents who go to bed at 10 pm couldn’t help.)

(The memorial service was Saturday.)

It’s bringin’ me down, man. Time to fight the power and lighten things up a bit. (I’m not sure which power, but I’ll find one. And then I’ll fight it. To the death!)

Here are a random collection of thoughts in no particular order:

  1. School is out in precisely 15 days.
  2. I need a new swimsuit and am in no mood to go shopping for one.
  3. I’m completely addicted to afternoon iced coffees right now, and have spent approximately $147 on them in the past two weeks.
  4. I’ve been sick, and so I consider this my little treat to feel better…the iced coffee.
  5. I watched the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductions the other day, and have a few thoughts: still not a huge Rush fan; Donna Summer’s daughters are gorgeous; Flava Flave…still crazy after all these years; and those musicians…they sure like to use the swear words.
  6. I’m currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and dying laughing out loud all by myself.
  7. I would like to now be BFF’s with Mindy, and get together and talk about Waiting for Guffman while drinking (let’s all say it…) ICED COFFEE.
  8. Let’s be clear: when I say I went “running,” I’m using the term very loosely. A more correct definition of what I do would be “wogging,” but it doesn’t sound nearly as cool or give you the mental image of me traipsing like a gazelle through mountain trails. Especially when I wog on roads, not trails.
  9. My daughter has informed me, approximately 14,700 times in the past eight days, that all my coughing is really annoying.
  10. I bet Mindy is a HUGE fan of Happy Endings.

What’s going on with you? Any random thoughts to share so we can laugh at with you?


8 thoughts on “not-so-happy endings (a thought collective)

  1. Hubs and I so. don’t.want. to love Mindy Kaling as much as we do, but man – she is funny. And real. And real funny. That book had me rolling. Add that to our chat list. ;) Are you drinking those iced coffees after 3:00 pm? You rebel!!! #8 had me snorting my tea. Wogging, indeed. I’m right there with ya sister. Right. There.

  2. I love Mindy… The Mindy Project kills me… she’s totally hilarious. Today’s random thoughts:

    1. Woke up with a scratchy throat and realized the tragedy that there was no where for me to sing a Norah Jones song to take advantage of it.
    2. I bought dry shampoo and am trying to see how long I can go without washing my hair before things start living in it.
    3. I love and miss you and CANNOT WAIT to watch Les Mis with you soon! Mwah!

    You’re the best.

  3. CLOSE to middle age. ha. Nice try. You’re funny. @Patricia…..not sure what you mean by all that but would love more random thoughts from you. I think we all do “keep on keepin’ on”. Of course we do….my thought is, sharing like this just helps us know we’re not biting the bullet alone in our day to day challenges/joys.

    P.S. I so need a new swimsuit too…it’s on my list to do this week. Not going to happen, I knew all the celebrities mentioned above, my son is also easily annoyed with all things parental recently, I am excited about the new hot coffee machine at my office, I have never heard of Happy Endings. Where do you find this stuff?!

  4. Reading this entry makes me know we are all real…very real, and you share what you know and feel. We don’t all do that even if we’d love to. I am of the older generation…bite the bullet, buck up bucko…such as that…keep on keepin’ on. We all can do it.

  5. First of all, thanks for the great read and for making me chuckle so early in the morning. Secondly, sorry for your loss (of Happy Endings). 3) Thanks for your thoughts about that book by Mindy. I’m buying it, like today. d) Praying for you, for lifted spirits, a lighter load and quick healing. Blessings, my friend. :)

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