25 Things to Be Happy About (Part Three)


When I was in college I picked up a little book called 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. It’s simply hundreds of pages of stream-of-consciousness lists of things that make you happy. When life was stressful or I was feeling blue, I would just pull out that book and smile like crazy. And I would take a red pen and make marks next to the things I really loved and different marks next to the things I really liked and other marks next to things I hoped to experience.

Things like:

  • mason jars
  • the cool underside of a pillow
  • hearty stew in white bowls
  • late Sunday brunches
  • dandelions and buttercups

See? It’s the perfect little book to let your mind wander and help you to exhale, even just a little bit.

Even now, every once and again my mind starts keeping a running tally of things that make me smile — silly things like the first few chews of bubble gum and the names of Northeastern towns like Kennebunkport and Montauk, and finding one last chocolate-covered caramel in your Sea Salt Caramel gelato. And after a while that tally in my head gets too long and I’m reminded again of that sweet little book.

Because while I give thanks and express gratitude to God all the time for most things, sometimes I forget to just appreciate the little things that bring a smile. You know, the small, seemingly insignificant things that help you enjoy life.

So I decided it was time to write part three in this very inconsistent series. (You can read the first post here and the second one here.) And in no order of importance whatsoever, here are 25 things that make me happy:


  1. kids singing the Veggie Tales version of “9-to-5” at the top of their lungs in the car
  2. singing along with them
  3. pink lady apples crisp and cold from the fridge
  4. the smell an empty coffee bag leaves in the kitchen
  5. gray and yellow anything
  6. a full water bottle with ice and fresh-squeezed lemon
  7. school lunches made the night before
  8. new batteries in your wireless mouse
  9. accidental snort-laughing
  10. accidental snort-laughing in public
  11. accidental snort-laughing alone in public
  12. your husband’s smooth dance moves
  13. a new phone case
  14. liquid laundry softener
  15. warming hands on a hot mug of tea
  16. peanut butter granola
  17. thinking about someone and they suddenly call you
  18. freshly manicured short, red nails
  19. finding a favorite item at the grocery store is buy-one-get-one free
  20. exquisite candle jars with exotic scent names like elysian garden and saijo persimmon
  21. white, coral and turquoise in the spring
  22. the voice translation Bible
  23. pinterest
  24. singing along to music while running when you’re sure no one is around
  25. being totally alone in your house, even for just a little bit

What would be on your list?


7 thoughts on “25 Things to Be Happy About (Part Three)

  1. Oh gosh! How do you narrow down the list? There are too many wonderful things. Here are a few..
    -seeing Skylar’s head popping up in the morning and peeking at me through her crib banisters and then that smile. Awww.
    -coming home or waking up to a clean sink with no dirty dishes in it
    -climbing into my bed in the winter when I have turned the electric blanket on just to get it warm
    -washing my hair at my mom’s in TN. There is something good about her water. My hair is always so smooth and soft.
    -Scott surprising me with anything (task done quickly, an impromptu visit for lunch, unexpected gift, etc)

  2. This post makes me smile today. #’s 1-7 and 21-25, yes ma’am!!! I’d add:
    -The very first sip of hot coffee in the morning
    -Hearing the first pour of wine coming out of the bottle (love that glug glug sound)
    -Hearing my kids belly-giggling
    -Hearing my kids belly-giggling together!
    -Whenever my husband puts his hand on my waist (not the roll!) ;)
    -Reading a good blog post that makes me smile!

  3. 9, 10 & 11 made me laugh.

    Okay here goes:
    – snuggling my honey’s neck before I fall asleep

    – one of my dogs open and welcoming tummy to rub

    – with u on the coffee bag thing…especially when you have left the room and come back. ahhh.

    – looking up to dark sky early I the a.m. or late at night and seeing hundreds of stars and maybe the moon

    – sunrise on my way to the office

    – a bag full of necessities from the drugstore i.e. opening new lotions and potions all for me!

    How’s that?

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