Sibling (Thanksday #84)

She always rushes ahead of me up the stairs so she can be the first one in his room in the morning. Always. She wants to be the first face he sees and then climb into his bed so they can laugh and wrestle and giggle and hide under the blankets.

As we slowly crawl through car line to pick her up, he likes for me to roll down the window so he can see her from across the way and as soon as she climbs into her seat he always says, “How was school today, Jaana Boo?” Always.

The way they hide behind the couch giggling together and trying to be quiet when Daddy’s on his way home. Their laughter as they play and chase and tickle and then dress up in scarves and hats and gloves for their “trips to Atlanta” which are walks hand-in-hand around the house. Their snuggles as they watch Word Girl or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and even though they are six years apart they are twins in spirit.

Right now he’s walking his chubby almost three-year old toes across her tummy and saying, “push baby push!” and they’re in a fit of laughter as he pushes my throw pillow (again) around the kitchen and living room pretending it’s a T-Rex on its way to get her.

I love these two. To my toes I love them. Yes they bicker and yes they tattle and yes they whine. But they love each other fiercely and watching their faces light up when they see each other after a long day at school makes it all better. Makes everything all better. (<= click to tweet)

I’m thankful today for my two amazing kids. For their sweet hearts and tender spirits and their loving hearts. For the smiles they bring to my face when they have no idea I’m even watching. I wonder if that’s what God feels like when He watches us enjoy and love each other too.

What are you thankful for this week?

9 thoughts on “Sibling (Thanksday #84)

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  2. Sweet Monica! Love you guys and love those kids (Greg well maybe haha)!!! I get it too…love how my kids love each other, bicker with each other and pick on each other! You are a great mom!

  3. My eyes are crying at the beauty in those last two paragraphs. And I can so identify. Mine, 5 years apart though they are, love each other fiercely too. And the snuggling gets me every time. Right to my toes, too. Loved this. Thankful for your writing.

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