Walnut Groving

My computer died a Kavorkian-assisted dignified death on Sunday. One minute it was happy and laughy and chatting about the excitement over frozen prune pops for dessert, and then the lights went out (literally) and she gave up the ghost.


And scene.

So I’ve spent the past 48 hours squinting at Facebook on my iPhone and trying to write with a flat-screened keyboard smaller than my unmanicured thumbs. I’ve also done mammoth loads of laundry, cleaned showers (I have a new appreciation for Ma Ingalls) and watched a few episodes of Million Dollar Listing (New York City only because I’m been fascinated at how much one of the guys looks like my brother.)

(He’s thrilled about this discovery.)


So until I get a bright and shiny new computer later this week, this is all I have for you. Because already it’s obvious how much I need a professional manicure and some glucosamine drinks to ease my arthritic opposables.

Love ya. Mean it.

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