There’s healing in the silence. Did you know that?

We sat in the living room, soaking in God’s presence in total quiet. It was thick and comforting and enveloped me in a cloak of security. It was peaceful and restful and I took several very deep breaths, exhaling the stress and inhaling the scent of the fresh cut green pastures He lay me in.

And the marquee in my brain began to scroll

There’s healing in the silence…there’s healing in the silence…there’s healing in the silence.

And I thought about how we are to be still to know, and when we are silent, the knowing of God appears. And how our knowing of Him is healing because He is Jehovah Rapha and once we know that, there is healing in our mind and our body and our spirit and our soul.

But I also thought about when God is silent…those times when we’re sure He’s walked away and forgotten us, how He really is there. And how sometimes His silence is a time of the deepest healing of all.

I was thinking about something else, too. About how I have been waiting on God and expecting Him to provide an answer for me in a specific way, and it hasn’t happened. And I didn’t think there was any correlation between healing in The Silence and The Waiting.

As we each took turns talking about what God was saying to us at this time in our lives, I didn’t think I had anything beyond there’s healing in the silence. But as each took their turn, I suddenly had an epiphany. There is a specific purpose that lies between The Silence and The Knowing and I just hadn’t realized it until that one, unexpected moment.

I had been waiting on a sign — the handwriting on the wall and the voice that pierced through the blurry haze. But in the process of waiting for that which hasn’t come, what showed up instead was The Knowing. It’s become clear and solid and sure. I know now. Really know. My doubts are healing and the fears are healing and the uncertainties are healing. I don’t need the sign or handwriting or voice. Because in the silence, He healed me and now I know.

And He reminds me once again that the journey is just as much the call as the call itself. And that He’s much more concerned with who I become than what I get. And as I waited in what appeared to be silence, He was really speaking clearly and loudly and assuredly. I just couldn’t see it until now.

And I wouldn’t have known it unless God made me wait. In the silence. Where there is healing.

Does God have you in The Silence, too?

There is healing there — in The Waiting, where you feel blurry and gray and invisible. The healing comes — it may not look like what you’re expecting, but it comes. Keep your eyes open for it and trust Him in it. He might just be bringing your deepest healing of all.

2 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. Can I just say that I just wrote “And He reminds me once again that the journey is just as much the call as the call itself.” that bit right there on a notecard and put it on my fridge. You’ve officially been quoted. And your book isn’t even out yet!!!! ;)

    The waiting. Oh, the waiting…

  2. I really needed to hear this today. We are waiting patiently for a better, more local job for Scott. The waiting is hard, but thank you for reminding me the lessons I need to learn and know while waiting.

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