And That’s All I Have to Say About That.

I stayed up until 12:56 am last night this morning. The fact I was not only awake to see this time, but was awake writing is insane. Y’all know I love my 10 pm bedtime.

But I was working on my book proposal. And here’s the thing — I think I’m done.

Not done like, “yahoo, I’m done!” but done like, “put a fork in me.”

Because at this point, what else can I do but take the same content and reformat it into yet another randomly suggested pattern? Not much. I hear “Use the X-Y-Z format, it’s the best!” and then I hear “Oh but So and So used A-B-F and that sold a ton!” and then I hear “Letters are so last year. Use numbers instead, it shows your creativity. Try 47-18-2.” I’m hoping there’s a point in the process where the format doesn’t matter and it’s all about the content. Please? Right? Amen?

So I’m finalizing about a total of one and a half paragraphs, and that’s it. And I’ll do it later. But I’ll finish before midnight.

Because at the end of the day, if I don’t make it to the conference at all or miss my publisher appointments due to sleep deprivation, it won’t matter if I wrote the proposal in letters, numbers, Pig Latin or !Kung.


T-H-E-E-N-D. Audi-5000. Eace-pay out-ay and !Click.

(See how I did that?)

Time for Mama to catch up on her reality TV take a nap.

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