Thanksday #71

I fell off the bloggy wagon. I had a few good weeks of daily posting, and then this week happened. The upside is that I spent all my extra time working on my book proposal, sample chapters and one-sheet…and I’m nearly finished.


It’s the nearly that will kill ya sometimes though, you know?

The good news is that exactly one week from today I’ll be driving myself to She Speaks with proposal, sample chapters and one-sheet copies finished, printed and tucked away firmly in my bag, and it’ll be too late to second-guess myself. Or in my case, one-millionth-guess myself. (My old friend Self Doubt has been spending a lot of time with me lately.)

But doubt, fear and uncertainty aside, there is much to be thankful for. And for the 71st week, I’m choosing to elevate my ideas (see how I did that?) and focus on the gratitude.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Sweetness. Jaana hopped in our bed this morning to finish her last couple of hours of sleep with Mommy. And each time I looked over at her, she was on her side and had both hands together in a prayer-like formation tucked under her cheek, with a peaceful look on her face. Who actually sleeps like that? My little angel, that’s who.

2. Chick-Fil-A Cookies and Cream Milkshakes. Because sometimes it’s the whipped cream and a cherry on the shake that makes it all better.

3. Monica. It’s nice to know I have a name outside of “Mommy,” and it’s nice to hear it from time to time. (And I may or may not have told my kids one afternoon this week that “Mommy” was off-limits for awhile, and I’d accept only “Mama,” “Mother” or “Mom.”)

4. Clean Rooms. Jaana spent a few days at Camp Gamma & Papa this week. So I took total advantage of her time away and majorly cleaned out her room. MAJORLY. She has no idea what’s missing, because it was a toy graveyard before (ashamedly, she has more than any child should ever have). Two large, black garbage bags later, her room looks like an actual room. And she has spent countless hours in there, since she actually can find things and enjoy playing with things she forgot she had since they were previously buried. All is well. Mommy Mama is happy.

5. Sleep. I’m having sleeping issues. Half of the week, I wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. But those nights that I do sleep through…those are good, good nights. And I had one last night. And it was goooooooood.

6. Rain. It’s the middle of July, and it seems the weather in our little town hasn’t realized it should be over 68-degrees. Today is gray and rainy and a very Seattle-like 68 right now. And while my tan is fading and I’d love to be at the pool, it is quite lovely to enjoy a lazy day indoors with my family. Especially when it’d be awesome to nap and catch up on number 5.

7. Unexpected Gifts. Someone gave me a gift certificate for the spaaaaaaaaah. Out-of-the-blue. God must have been telling them about my sleep issues and how a deep-tissue, hot stone massage might work wonders.

8. My Little Snoodle. Our Children’s Ministry is doing a production in the fall, and it’s going to incorporate A Snoodle’s Tale from Veggie Tales. (Which makes me cry every single time.) And Jaana is going to be the Little Snoodle. As we speak, she’s behind me practicing her lines and absolutely owning it. I heart her.

9. Sierra Mist. Greg and I are addicted to this right now.

10. God Speaks. Even when I’m floundering. Even when I’m falling away. Especially when I get through the end of the day and realize I didn’t spend time with Him. He shows up and He speaks and He loves anyway. Where would I be without Him?

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment by clicking the bubble at the top of the post. It’ll kick ol’ Self Doubt to the curb and restore peace to your soul. Yes, it will.

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #71

  1. Boy! I appreciate sleep now more than ever.

    I can’t wait to read your book.

    The weather has been so crummy this week. I am thanking God in advance for some sunshine. Skylar and I need our outside time BAD!

  2. This mama LOVES #5 too. Especially when it’s coupled with a #1 type of occurrence. Yay you for getting your book things taken care of for She Speaks. Go get em’!!!

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