And the Card Attached Would Say, “Thank You For Being a Friend.”

So Greg turned on the TV last night. It was Fourth of July Eve. I asked what he was watching. It was Cocoon. Yes, that Cocoon.

He pretended to be shocked when I said I hadn’t seen it. Then suddenly from the dining room, my dad pipes up and exclaims,

“You did too! We saw it at the drive-in!”

I’m sorry, what?

Evidently, we saw it at the Des Moines drive-in when I was nine or 10. Because obviously, Cocoon is absolutely something a third-grader would be thrilled to see at a drive-in.

This actually might explain my fascination with the Golden Girls.

May your Independence Day be everything you’ve dreamed of, and nothing you expect. May it also be full of random facts about your childhood, and not watching Cocoon-The Return, which is probably as bad as it sounds.

Thank you for being a friend, and may God shed His grace on thee.

Happy Fourth, y’all.

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