My Secret (Very Secret) Dream

I admitted to Mary tonight that I have a very-secret-don’t-laugh-at-me dream.

And that is to be Director of Choir Choreography.

And I demonstrated to her, in real life, what the choir’s moves would be if we performed the song “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood for our church.

And she loved it. (Well, she snorted while laughing anyway, which I think means she loved it.)

I also admitted to having an entire number choreographed to the song, “In Christ Alone,” (the newer, Travis Cottrell version) should I ever be a finalist on American Idol. (But with the original judges, because then Simon would be impressed and therefore moved to holy tears.)

I’m not sure that she loved that one, but she snorted while laughing humored me.

I may be finally acting like a writer, but I might also have to act like a Director of Choir Choreography, too.

I’m geeky and I know it.