Thanksday #66

Number One on the Thanksday list this week:


Oh my word, I thought this day would never come. Ever. We’re the only school in the Western hemisphere that had school after Memorial Day, I think. But finally, as of noon today, we are done. I’ve been ready for weeks to have Jaana home every day. And so has Paxton. Our summer plans consist of me not having to be in meetings all the time, me not having to work inside while the sun shines outside, and spontaneous fun.

I’m. So. Ready!

(Confession: I kept trying to convince my daughter to skip school today. After all, it’s the last day AND a half day. Let’s just get a jump-start on summer, you know what I’m saying? But even at eight years old, she’s too much of a rule-follower and goody-goody and said no. I know that’s a good thing. And I know I probably need lessons on how to not corrupt my children.)

The obligatory first day / last day of second grade pic:

Gosh I miss that short hair. Can y’all help me convince her to cut it again?

Before the summer fun can begin, there are a few things on the agenda: First is a dress rehearsal for her dance recital this afternoon. Then tomorrow is her dance recital. And last but not least, Monday is the Girls End-of-School Party that she likes to host each year. After that, we’ll be funning in the sun, getting water-logged, and otherwise enjoying ourselves together.

I’m. So. Ready!

Other big news…I haven’t had coffee or any caffeine since Monday. (Gasp! Shock! Awe!)

(Pause for dramatic effect here.)

It’s true, I’m cutting it out for awhile. I have what some might call an addiction to coffee, and my caffeine consumption has increased to levels that could caffeinate entire populations, I’m afraid. And from what I’ve read, that’s not entirely good for you. Supposedly, it can possibly contribute to such things as mood swings and hunger pains. And the last thing I need is help being moody or hungry. So I’m letting it go for awhile and sticking to only water. But you know what they say about things you love – if you set it free and it comes back to you, it’s yours forever.

Come back to me, my french roast love. I miss you so.

Other thankfuls this week:

2. Sunshine. Last weekend was seriously about the most beautiful weekend ever. It was crisp and clear and the perfect temperature for June in my book (approx 72-77 degrees). I was able to enjoy taking the kids to the playground, sitting outside reading a book, and the local music party at the town center. It was perfect.

3. Girls Rule and Boys Drool. Jaana and I had a date on Saturday. We went to Wal-Mart, ate at Sonic with the windows down, and then watched one of her friends in her dance performance. Love my girl time.

4. Rest Days. Jaana was sick on Sunday so we stayed home from church. She snuggled up on the couch and watched three movies and about three TV shows. She did absolutely nothing but lay on the couch. Nothing. The girl hasn’t had that much rest in months. And it was good for Mama, too.

5. Exercise. Supposedly, this helps with moodiness and hunger issues too. So I’m back on the workout train consistently — no more haphazard exercising. Got a plan, got an accountability buddy, and I’m channeling my inner runner and signing up for another race. Let’s do this thing!

6. Bonding over Twitter. Big Mama tweeted last night that Waiting for Guffman was on TV. So I tweeted back with a quote from the movie. Then Boo Mama jumped in with another quote and a video clip. And thus we exchanged tweets and bonded over Waiting for Guffman on Twitter. And it made my week. (So yes, I was late posting this because I was too busy watching Guffman and tweeting with people I’ve never met.) (Don’t judge me!)

7. Praise Report. A dear friend of mine recently moved to another state, and found a church that she loves. Nothing better than getting that email.

8. Prayer. And people that you know will pray when you ask for it.

9. New Doctor. I finally (finally) got a doctor up here. And he’s great. He listened to me without making me feel like I’m crazy. And didn’t rush me out. Feels good to have trust established from the get-go.

10. Big Sisters & Little Brothers. Look what I found the other morning. Be still my heart. She’s the best big sister ever, and he idolizes her.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll improve your mood and satisfy your hunger pains. Or make you want coffee. Whichev.

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #66

  1. Their love for each other overwhelms my heart!

    I can’t wait to have mother-daughter days like you & Jaana. I smile just thinking about it.

    I hate to make everything about my sweet baby…but I am thankful that she is finally smiling and cooing at me when I talk to her. It makes the 2 months of extreme sleep deprivation totally worth it.

  2. There is simply nothing better than a snuggly brother and sister. And, oh my! Life without coffee? You are one brave soul. Maybe even possibly my hero. I’ll have to keep watching to see if it comes back to you. ;) Trying to learn all about the Twitter. I really liked this list!

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