Thanksday #58

Last weekend was very odd.

On Friday night I wanted to go to bed so badly I could hardly stand it, but it was only 9:15 (gasp! shock! awe!). Saturday night I kept thinking it was Sunday, so I’d be just about to tell Jaana to get stuff ready for school before realizing what day it was. Then I’d be so excited it was only Saturday…to turn and then instantly be sad I still couldn’t sleep in the next day because of church. On Sunday night, I was way too productive for my own good. We’re talking two loads of laundry, pre-making half of Monday night’s dinner, cleaning the house and bathing the boy and the dog productive.

Who am I??

It was an identity-crisis filled weekend.

And evidently, I need a lesson on what it means to take a true Sabbath rest.

Thankful for this week:

1) Naps. I think my productivity on Sunday night came from the fact I actually took a nap earlier that afternoon. My first in over six weeks.


2) Adobe. Having the Adobe Creative Suite on my computer allows me to do really important, hard-hitting work. Like making my own wallpaper for my iPhone with a personalized motivating message to cheer me on throughout the day. My current mantra is “Stay the Course.” So anytime I unlock the phone or get a phone call, I see “stay the course” and it just reminds me to keep my head down and stay focused and just keep doin’ the thing.

Or thang, if you’re feeling a little sassy.

(If you need your own wallpaper mantra, I’d gladly make one for you FOR ONE – MILLION – DOLLARS.)

3) Spring Fever. I’ve admitted repeatedly I get bored easily, so I knew it was just a matter of time before I changed the graphics on the blog. Since Spring has decided to come early to the mountains, (requiring, I might add, all sorts of unexpected and low-rent preparations like painting toenails without a professional pedi, wearing short-sleeved shirts without my arms feeling fit enough, too many low-lights and not enough highlights, you know)…I decided to overcome my feelings of frustration with a new look on the site. So there you go.

4). Pest Control. I came home yesterday to the first real sign on Spring; the ants were marching one-by-one across the kitchen counter and up the wall. It was an antfestation. Which proceeded to make me feel itchy and scratchy all over and I’d randomly just shiver. (Gaw…even now I’m scratching like crazy just thinking about it.) (And holy cow, I just said “gaw.” I really am turning into MeMaw.)

I called Bug Guy, but he couldn’t come until the next day. So I attacked the ants with Lysol until I could get to the store for real ant spray. I swear I heard a tiny laugh when I sprayed them, and even saw little ant hands in little ant ears sticking their little ant tongues out at me. My husband, knowing full well how poorly this was going to fly with me, called Bug Guy and talked him in to coming that very afternoon.

So I left to pick up Jaana with the ants marching one-by-one in a synchronized dance welcoming spring and picnics, and came home to only one straggler, frantically trying to find his family.

Hoorah! Hoorah!

5) Thursday Mornings. On Thursdays, Jaana heads to school and it’s the day Paxton has Mother’s Morning Out. So Greg and I have turned some of the morning time into date time, and we linger over breakfast together, talking and sharing like real life grown ups and drinking coffee while it’s hot. It’s become my most favorite part of the day. Sometimes we “work” and talk about budget stuff (boring but necessary), sometimes we just chatter, sometimes we do Bible Study. It’s like throwing caution to the wind, is what it is. “What are we going to do this morning?” “I don’t know! Isn’t that exciting? I just don’t know.” I’m so incredibly thankful my husband has a job that allows him this kind of flexibility. There was a time back in the day when Greg had to be at church every Wednesday night, Thursday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. And now we’re finally at a place (literally and figuratively) where there’s balance. It’s a joy and never goes unappreciated. NEVER.

6) Little Feet. Oh my gosh I love these feet.

7. She’s Got Spirit, Yes She do. It’s Spirit Week at Jaana’s school, and she’s been able to wear free dress all week. There was Favorite Team Day, Western Day, School Colors Day and tomorrow is Funky Friday. The girl has been all up in it. And her personality has changed with each outfit. And she can pose. God love her.
8. Blue Like Jazz. THE MOVIE! This book was amazing — Donald Miller is one of my favorite writers. They’ve been working on this movie for a couple years, and it finally (finally!) comes out right after Easter. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. Did I mention I can’t wait? ‘Cuz I can’t wait. 
9. Dancing With the Stars. Let me preface this by saying, I have never been into this show. Not one single season. Sure, I’ve watched hither and yon (not an appropriate use of the phrase, but I’ve been really wanting to use it), but I’ve never been a “watcher,” if you know what I mean. Well, by sheer happenstance, Greg and I started watching season premiere earlier this week, and we were oddly intrigued. The line up this year is pretty interesting – Jack Wagner, Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight and Martina Navratilova to name a few. There was one particular comment Greg made about one particular contestant that had me absolutely rolling off the couch and onto the floor. (And for you Facebook friends keeping tabs, it was not a sarcastic comment, I assure you. He’s doing great with that challenge.) With that kind of unexpected fun, I think we’ll just have to tune in for more.
10. Spring Break. Jaana’s on break next week, and the kids and I are hitting up The Big City for a day or two. I’m looking forward to a break in the routine and some time with the kids, for sure. But let’s be honest – I’m most excited about my hair appointment and shopping for Easter clothes. 
Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll keep you from getting your identity wrapped up in the wrong stuff. Like cooking and cleaning.

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #58

  1. I love those Jaana poses! She is so beautiful.

    I have Spring Fever big time. I love this time of year.

    I have never read Blue Like Jazz. I need to add that to my list.

    I am thankful today for another solid week of work for Scott. Praise the Lord!

  2. I love those Jaana poses! She is so beautiful.

    I have Spring Fever big time. I love this time of year.

    I have never read Blue Like Jazz. I need to add that to my list.

    I am thankful today for another solid week of work for Scott. Praise the Lord!

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