Thanksday #57

I had no idea I’d have all this free time this evening, since when I pictured it, there was no March Madness anywhere on the radar. Instead, I pictured my sweet husband and I curled up watching Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis that we recorded last night. Life hasn’t been the same without bonding over Flipping Out.

And nothing says romance like a little bit of Jeff Lewis OCD and full on C-R-A-Z-Y.

But here we are anyway. Greg flipping back-and-forth (and back-and-forth) (and back-and-forth) between three different games, his brackets in hand.

I also filled out a bracket today. But you have to know I did it out of love for my husband, number one. Number two was because of the off-chance I did in fact win, and how awesome would it be to say, “I didn’t even have a clue what I was doing. I closed my eyes and just picked!”

Because that’s pretty how I made all my selections.

But just so you know, I put Gonzaga down to win it all. Why? Because I’m tired of seeing Duke/Kentucky/UNC blue for one. And B) I gotta represent the Wesssside. I went to college an hour-and-a-half from Gonzaga. And if Washington State isn’t an option (when will they be an option???), then I’m going all in with GU.

(And just for the record, it’s pronounced Gon-ZA-ga, not Gon-ZAY-ga.)

Go Wildcats. Bulldogs.


Things I’m thankful for this week:

1. I’ll Take Joy for $2, Alex. So the grocery had this life-sized Bugs Bunny balloon that the kids think is a real person. For over a week, every time we went to the store (I feel like I pay rent there), they both would yell out, “BUGS!!” And want to go over and “play” with it in floral.

The store manager happened to hear this one day and came over and said (and I quote): “We were just talking about how to unload this thing. We have to keep putting helium in it. It’s a $20 balloon…but I’ll give it to you for $2.”

It was a no-brainer.

It just required a booster seat. 

2. Canastas. When I was pregnant with Jaana, I had this glorious pair of camel velour pants. You know, like the Juicy ones, but more civilized with no wording across my bee-hind. I adored those pants. After all, how can you not love an elastic waistband? But every time I wore them (every. single. time.), Greg would say, “Ahh. Got yer Canastas on today.” He seemed to think I looked like a MeMaw who would go play cards with the ladies before the early bird dinner.


I hung on to those Canastas as long as I could. But eventually, I lost enough baby weight to not wear them. (Jaana might have been four.) (Don’t judge me!)

So imagine my utter delight and sheer joy at finding a bright turquoise pair on sale the other day for just $7!! I brought those suckers home, put them on one leg at a time (see, I’m just like y’all) and proudly strutted out to the living room.

“Ahh. Got yer Canastas on today.”

Yes, yes I do. And dinner’s at 4:30. Don’t be late.

3. Rear Fader on the Car Stereo. Which allows me a quick phone conversation without “Larry’s High Silk Hat” booming in my ears.

4. She Speaks. Going to the conference. Boo yah.

5. Women’s Retreat. Our church had it’s annual women’s retreat this past weekend. Y’all, it was awesome! My dear friend Tracy was the speaker, and that girl has a gift…let me tell you. She can break down the Word in a way that lets you put it in your pocket and actually use in your daily life. I honestly can’t say enough about her. But beyond that, it was a fantastic group of women…wonderful support and prayer, and just plain fun. So. If you go to CBC (or not, hey, thas’ coo’), you have to try to make it next year the end.

6. Off-Leash. We’re getting lazy adventurous and letting Luke run off and play once or twice each day around the neighborhood. I’m only comfortable with this because we’re the only ones that live here full-time — therefore, it’s like our own private Eden. And now he’ll either come to the door when he’s ready to come in, or come as soon as I call him. Either way, it’s been a great way for him to explore and get some energy out. Because OH MY GOSH THE ENERGY.

7. Moments of Pure Joy. After school the other day, we came home and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. The kids rode the 4-wheeler, drew with sidewalk chalk and Luke ran around free driving us all crazy. It was one of those moments you always dream about when you have babies and puppies and finally (finally!)…I think we’re there.

8. Switchin’ Up the Menu. And making French Dips and Honey-Bourbon Chicken this week, much to Greg’s pleasure. Two hits. Sides included! Just call me Butta…’cuz I’m on a roll.

9. Getting My NC Driver’s License. Finally after two and a half years, I’m officially a licensed North Carolina driver. I procrastinated for ages primarily because I was scared to death of the written exam. Yes folks, no matter that you’ve been driving for 23 years, if you want to get a license in NC, you have to still take a written exam. And I personally know about three people who failed it the first time or two. The handbook is about 100 pages long, and there’s only 25 questions. How on earth can you study for something like that? It’s been ages since that kind of pressure.

Either way, I sucked it up and I passed. And now Greg can stop asking me every day if I’ve gotten my license yet.

Yes, yes I have. And dinner’s still at 4:30. Don’t be late.

10. Enjoying Every Moment. I am LOVING the freedom my new schedule gives me. For the first time in years, I don’t feel like every email is urgent. I’m ignoring a lot until my slotted “work time” and just saying no. Ironically, it’s allowing me to actually enjoy my day. Which baffles me and makes me wonder if the whole “eat less, exercise more” thing has any validity to it.


Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll bring clarity that’ll help you with your March Madness selections.


One thought on “Thanksday #57

  1. I love the Bugs balloon! What a steal.

    I literally laughed out loud about your pants..picturing your enjoyment and Greg's comment. Oh, made me smile. You sport those pants girl with pride.

    I am happy to hear Luke is doing well and off the leash some. That had to bring such freedom for you.

    Look at you being adventurous with the menu. Way to go!!

    I am thankful Scott's work schedule picked up this week. Praise the Lord! Now, I have to get through the thought that he might be out of town when my water breaks. ARGH!!!

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