Thanksday #54 & #55

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been slack and am combining two week’s worth of thanks.

My name is Monica, and I’m a bloggy slacker.

It’s been an insane couple of weeks…and really an insane month. Which led me to being thisclose to losing it this week. Fortunately, I’m married to a man who realizes if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And he helped talk me off the ledge and figure out a good schedule and strategy for attacking all the things I have to do (and want to do) in a day.

He’s a keeper. I’m so thankful for him.

Get your readers on and grab a snack — here are the other 19 thankfuls from the past two weeks:

(drum roll, please)

2. Easter Candy. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, really. My most favorite Easter candy is plain old jelly beans. Not the Starburst kind, not the Jelly Belly kind. Just good, old fashioned, regular jelly beans. I could also harm someone if they try to take away a Cadbury Caramel Egg from me. Thick caramel covered by milk chocolate? Hush yo’ mouth.

3. Pepsi Max. Because driving around with what looks like a beer bottle in the afternoon is like a fun prank. Oh you think I’m drinking and driving? PSYCHE! You just got faced.

4. God’s Protection. A dear friend of mine fell 15-feet through her attic onto the stairs.

She only broke her arm. Now, it broke in several places and required surgery, pins and a metal plate. And she did get stitches on her face for a bad gash. BUT…it’s an absolute miracle that she didn’t break her neck, her back, a leg or worse. That all the major damage was limited to her arm is God’s amazing grace.

5. Roller Girl. Jaana was dying to get roller skates for her birthday and to go skating. So we did. And I have to tell you, I was reliving my entire childhood through her. I had my own skates at her age and skated all. the. time. So to share this joy with Jaana was such a bonding moment for me. I did have to teach these eight year-olds what real skating music was (none of this “Party Rock Anthem” nonsense), so I requested “Eye of the Tiger” and made them come dance in the middle of the floor under the disco balls. It was pretty epic. And just the other day, I found her wearing her skates while playing in her room, just because she can. I heart her so much.

6. Dermatological Advances. Look what I found the other day.

I cringed just looking at it. And then immediately thanked God that in the past 20 years facial products have evolved and don’t sting like a thousand bees when you apply.

7. Work. I’ve complained a lot about it the last couple of weeks, but I really am so thankful to have work to do. A lot of people don’t, and I get convicted every time I’m a little stressed out and vocalize it. I need to hush it.

8. The Number Six. Because that’s how many emails I have in my inbox right now.

9. Sauna. Our gym has a sauna, and I fired that thing up recently and just detoxed after a good workout. It feels soooooo good. The Fin in me felt right at home.

10. Spring. It’s March now, so I’m ready to begin the slow welcome of spring. I’m just confused about shoes right now. It’s March, but a little chilly. Are boots still okay? Until when? Where are Clinton and Stacey when I need them?

11. Big Glasses on a Little Girl. This makes my heart happy.

12. Two Year-Old Exclamations. I picked Jaana up from school early the other day, and let Paxton sit in the car since it was just going to be a second. Unfortunately, it ended up being about 10 minutes or so before she got the message to come to the office. When we reached the car and opened the door, completely unsolicited, Paxton exclaimed:

“Really Jaana?? Are you kidding me Jaana?? Are you kidding me?”

And we absolutely cried laughing.

13. Veggie Tales. I avoided it as long as possible. But finally crumbled and let Paxton listen to “kiddie” music in the car. And I tolerate the Sesame Street CD. Really not a fan of The Wiggles CD. I burned the Dora the Explorer one shortly after Jaana outgrew it. But Veggie Tales, y’all? I ADORE THE VEGGIE TALES. I listen to each song and am thoroughly amused and almost always in awe of the creativity of the music and lyrics. My current favorite is “The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps.” Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.


14. Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud Even a Week Later. Greg and I have started enjoying the show Happy Endings recently. Last week there was a scene that made me cry laughing…actually, I couldn’t even catch my breath. And I thought about that exact scene yesterday while driving along drinking my beer (aka Pepsi Max), and almost had soda coming out my nose I was laughing so hard. Again. Those moments make my entire week.

15. Going to Atlanta. The kids started playing this game they call “Going to Atlanta.” Paxton will say, “Come on, Sissa…let’s go Atlanta.” And they’ll don hats and scarves and then hold hands and “walk to Atlanta” (which means circling the living room and kitchen a few times). Melts my heart.

16. Growing Up. Y’all know about Paxton and his Elmo fixation, right? Once a week at Mother’s Morning Out, we tell Paxton that Elmo is going to take a nap in his backpack while he’s in school. And for a solid month now, Paxton has gone without Elmo for the whole four hours. He’s even actually playing on the playground now when I pick him up instead of sitting on someone’s lap sucking his fingers and holding Elmo. It’s great progress, but I’m good with just that. Don’t want him growing up too much, you see.

17. Ingles’ Chicken Salad. Y’all, I adore the Savory Tarragon Chicken Salad from Publix. And any time I’m near a Publix, I buy and eat it straight from the container. So when I saw that our Ingles makes a chicken salad, all I could do was assume it’s not good and have refused to even try it for two years. But I took a chance last week, and bought some for a party. And I have to say, it was a hit. I loved it and am now a fan. It’s still no Savory Tarragon from Publix, but it’ll do. It’ll do.

18. Trying Out a New Recipe. I made my first Artichoke Dip last week and I thought it turned out so good! And since it was chock-full of Parmesan and Greg is lactose-intolerant, I had the leftovers all to myself.

19. Mom’s Group. There’s a small group of us moms that get together twice a month for a Bible Study, and it’s a fabulous little group. I’m so thankful that everyone is honest about their parenting struggles, as well as their successes and failures. Groups just don’t work if no one is honest.

20. Clean Sheets. There’s nothing like climbing into a bed with freshly washed and softened sheets. Really, there just isn’t.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll keep you off the ledge and make you shout with a yodel of love.

One thought on “Thanksday #54 & #55

  1. Oh my! This was a good list. So many comments to make.
    I too love Easter candy but am always going to steer towards those Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. So yummy!
    I adore that Jaana wanted roller skates. I spent so many hours roller skating as a kid and am still pretty good at it. I have not mastered the roller blades however. I could do a mean Hokey Pokey back in the day.
    Paxton saying “are you kidding me?” to Jaana made me laugh out loud at my desk. Too funny!
    I am in total agreement with the children's music stuff. I endure alot of it because of the nature of my job. Trust me, you can never go wrong with Raffi or Laurie Berkner.
    I am thankful this week 1. the baby has turned head down and is getting ready for her arrival into this world. 2. The Dept. of Labor ruled in Scott's favor and he will soon receive unemployment from end of November until now.

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