Thanksday #53

I should call this “Three Days Late and Twelve Dollars Short,” but since it’s still technically a Thanksday post, I have to waste a perfectly good title. And because the story behind the title is too short to turn into a post.

(But I am three days late with this post.)

(And I do have $12 that I left on the bench in the women’s locker room at the gym, which they called to tell me they were holding for me, but I haven’t picked it up yet.)

As you may remember (or remember but not care a lick), Greg and I left last week for an overnight excursion for an Anniversary-slash-Valentine’s celebration. It was just a quick trip to Asheville, but it was simply marvelous. We talked. We laughed. We slept in. We enjoyed our time away as grown ups.

But of course, we talked about the kids.

I won’t bore you with all the things I’m thankful for from that overnight getaway…but this was a great one:

1. Eating Breakfast at 10:30 am and Lingering Over Coffee and a Newspaper. And hearing a young boy at the table near you asking for “the blue one! the blue one!” and then high-fiving your spouse.

2. Free Sweater. I had 20 minutes one day, so I stopped by the local consignment store for a quick look around. I found a fun mustard-yellow sweater I really liked, but the price was a bit high (for me) (for a consignment shop). But then I overheard that everything was 20% off that day. That coupled with a few dollars I had on my account there enticed me to suck it up and buy it.


I brought it to the counter, and as the lady was removing it from the hanger, she noticed a small (repairable) hole where the tag was on the back. She then said, “We just got this in today and should have caught this. Here. You can have it for free.”


And I still have $6.80 on my account to spend later.

3. Kashi GoLean Cereal. I’m currently uuubbb-sessed with this cereal. 13 grams of protein. 10 grams of fiber. Stay fuller longer! (Which means I’m ready to eat again an hour and a half after breakfast, instead of 45 minutes.)

4. Russell Stover Chocolates. And biting into a caramel one on the first pick. Sha-bam!
5. Morning Fog. I love watching the sun rays shine through morning fog. Without the fog, you wouldn’t see the glorious intricacies of the sunshine…and it always makes me think of God. I remembered this week, while marveling at the fog, that I wrote about this very thing over three years ago, and was reminded…yet again…that the light shines brightest against the backdrop of darkness. And that instead of focusing on the fog, to focus on Him as he shines through.
6. Baby Shower. I have a friend who’s pregnant with twin girls. One of the girls has a medical condition that will require immediate surgery upon birth and she’ll have to spend months in the NICU. The other girl was thought to have developmental issues as well, but we’ve recently learned that is false and the doctors don’t have a medical explanation for why things so suddenly changed. Of course, we know the explanation: PRAYER. The ladies at the church got to have a baby shower for her last week, and it was perfect timing having just received the good news. Now we’re believing for a complete miracle for the first baby. We’re getting greedy.
7. Having My Car Back. I had to have some work done on it which required it being at the shop for several days. I was beyond thrilled to have it back; there’s nothing like driving your car and not your husbands. (And having a $0 due amount at pick up is the icing on the cake.) (Sha-bam! Thanks, warranty!)
8. Sha-bam! I have no idea where this came from or why I’m using it.
9. Mocking By Your Husband. On our way out of town last weekend, Greg pulled up my most recent Thanksday to read, since he hadn’t gotten to it yet. (How rude.) He decided he’d read it as if he were me writing it. He was mocking me intensely, and I couldn’t even drive for the tears streaming down my face (in laughter, not anger) (because really it was stinkin’ funny). I love that we have so much fun together. 
10. Quiet Time. I’ve been really good about getting up early for quiet time the past couple of weeks. I wish I could say it was soley the lure of alone time with the Lord that draws me out of my warm bed at o’dark thirty. But I have to be honest — drinking coffee in complete silence while doing my Bible study is almost as enticing as Jesus Himself. 
Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll make you feel as rich as if you had $12 in your own back pocket instead of in the gym locker room. You big spender, you.

6 thoughts on “Thanksday #53

  1. I was thinking while reading that you were using sha-bam a lot! Too funny!

    Congrats on the sweater. I love deals like that.

    I am eating that same Kashi cereal right now. I love the toasted berry flavor.

    I am so thrilled to hear that news about your friend's baby. God is so faithful!

    Greg mocking someone? I don't believe it :)

    I am thankful for a very timely 4 day weekend this past week. It was glorious!

  2. 1.Blessings! WOW!
    2.Thanks for sharing about the fog and light as I am reminded to stay focused on Jesus and let Him show me His light and not get lost in the fog of my own mind. Sometimes even with the best intentions this is hard to do! Truth be known, it is impossible except Christ in me!
    3.Precious babies and the miracle of life. Such a reminder of the reality that His hand is on each of us even in the womb. Praying for God's perfect will but making request for miracles no less.

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