Thanksday #52

Okay…I have exactly 15 minutes to post this. As I type, my mother-in-law is playing balloon volleyball with Paxton. The in-laws are here to watch the kids while Greg and I spend 36 hours alone with no children or dogs or computers. Can you even imagine?? LUXURY.

So, while Greg and Jaana are walking Luke and the volleyball tourney heats up, I’m stealing these few precious moments to tell you all the many things that made me oh-so-thankful this week.

1. An Entire Weekend with Nothing to Do. And to celebrate, we let Jaana stay up until 10 pm on Friday night to watch Nanny McPhee Returns, which Greg and I enjoyed just as much as Jaana. If not more.

2. The Way Luke Looks Up at Me Anytime I Go Anywhere in the House. It’s pretty cute, how’s he’s always making sure he can see me. Cute, but a little annoying, too…since he tries to pry open the pocket door when I’m in the restroom.

3. Brownies. My aunt makes the best brownies ever. She’s made them the exact same since I was born — they’re thick with lots of icing (yum). But since she lives in Washington (the state, not the district), I’m not able to partake often. (For which my waistline is grateful.) But I received a box o’ goodies from my dad and aunt this week, and at the bottom were four loaves of brownies! They’re freezing now and will be enjoyed and lingered over for days to come. (I’d say weeks to come, but let’s be honest. Nothing that delicious will last long with me around.)

4. Second Graders. Earlier this week, I helped out in Jaana’s class. I took six kids and we did research on polar bears and worked on a presentation board. Typically when I visit Jaana’s class for lunch and recess, I leave exhausted — 24 second graders can But in groups of six, they are so much fun! And sweet. There’s one boy in particular that I just want to put in my pocket and take home. (And I will love him and squeeze him, and I will name him George…) (10 points if you can identify that reference.)

5. Sleeping In. Greg gave me the best anniversary gift ever last Saturday; I slept in until 9:15 am the end.

6. Anniversary Card. Seriously, how sweet is my girl??

7. Bath Night. I know, this sounds totally ridiculous…but I love nights where Jaana, Paxton and Luke all get baths. Love having everyone fresh, clean and messy-haired.

8. The Local. Greg’s and my anniversary was on Tuesday, which means there was exactly one place open to eat besides Wendy’s. It’s not really called The Local, but since it’s local and I’ve been there twice in two weeks, I’m naming it that. So thankful I didn’t have to spend my anniversary night eating Natural Cut French Fries with Sea Salt. (Or am I?)

9. This Article. I can’t even remember how I came across this…but it floored me. This woman is strong, strong, strong. I wish I could say I’d be as strong as her in the same situation, but I think instead I’d be a blubbering heap on the floor.

10. Salad. I made the torturous mistake of actually stepping on the scale at the gym after months of avoiding it. And my worst fears were confirmed. So I’ve rediscovered my love tolerance for salad, and have been getting as creative as I can at home making them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…you know.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It might not make you as blissful as 36 hours alone with your spouse will, but it’ll be close.

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #52

  1. Ooo, I wish I had one of those brownies right now.

    Thanks for sharing that article. What an amazing response from that woman. I don't know if I could have reacted that way either.

    I am thankful this week that I passed part 2 of the gestational diabetes test. What a relief!

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