Thanksday #50

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This hasn’t been my week. It vacillated back-and-forth between physical exhaustion and emotional exhaustion. I’ve felt a little Jekyll and Hyde, if you want to know the truth.

Jekyll: Over the weekend, I was talking with a friend about her dreams and goals, and she was telling me where God was leading her. As she shared, I was taunted with whispers of “you could never do that,”and “she’s more talented,” and “you might as well give up on your dreams now.”

Hyde: Saturday night, Paxton threw up three times in the car on the way home from dinner. Which kept me home from church on Sunday.

Jekyll: The next day, something happened that really hurt my feelings (because I’m too sensitive), which led to more whispers.

Hyde: Paxton was up from 11 pm -4 am on Monday night. Which kept me home from my plans on Tuesday.

Jekyll: Another something happened that hurt my feelings, which led to even more whispers. (And at this point I’m wondering I’m simply suffering from a good old-fashioned case of PMS.)

Hyde: Greg came home with a cold-turned-sinus infection and fever.

Welcome to my Pity Party. Would you like a slice of cake? We also have a goodie bag for you to take home. It includes Midol, massive amounts of chocolate and a mirror with two faces.

What I’m thankful for this week:

1. Breathe Right Strips. They are so very, very sexy. The perfect accessory to my Paul Frank flannel PJ pants and oversized hooded sweatshirt for bed. However…never, ever, ever have I ever slept as good as I sleep now using these strips. I now sleep like a normal person. And I don’t wake up feeling like I licked up sawdust off the floor. And I wake up without a headache. If you know anything about me, you know how much I love sleep. Healthy, proper sleep is icing on the bed.

2. Coffee. Because Paxton was up Monday night. And my Breathe Right strips alone couldn’t help me through that.

3. 24 Hours. Because it’s at this time tomorrow I’ll be in the midst of a long, long, LONG overdue hair appointment. Goodbye Amanda Woodward roots, circa Melrose. It’s been real. (Real ugly!)

4. Having a Puppy. Listen. All the people that tell you having a puppy is just like having a baby are DEAD WRONG. I won’t even begin to pretend they are close to the same thing, because they are not the same AT ALL. Why? Because after two weeks, my dog sleeps through the night. And I remember quite vividly (and still with some lingering resentment), that it took both my kids about four months to accomplish that feat. And I don’t have to change his diapers. And he doesn’t cry for no reason. And he feeds himself. And entertains himself. So while there are a separate set of frustrations (and joys!), I’m grateful for just puppy-hood right now.

5.  A Happy Progress Report. We had Jaana’s parent-teacher meeting yesterday where we reviewed her progress thus far this quarter. Her grades are great, and her behavior is wonderful. Greg, the ever-focused leadership guru, basically interrupted the teacher and one point, and said (in so many words), “Yeah, yeah…she has good grades. That’s all well and good. But is she a good leader?!” And he was thrilled to hear that yes, she’s a good leader. He walked away a happy daddy.

6. AZUR Jazz. It’s a French radio station I listen to on iTunes. And when they do announcements and updates in French, je fonds comme le beurre sur un croissant (translation: I melt like butter on a croissant). (And one of these days, I’ll be able to say that without using my translation app.)

7. Open Sunroof. We had some uncharacteristically warm weather this week (to which Jaana and I grumbled since we’re dying for enough snow to go sledding). But, it was quite nice to open the sunroof and drive with the music loud and the sun shining on our faces. Yes, it was nice indeed.

8. Small Group. I’m very much enjoying our small group. We meet twice a month, and the group consists of couples from different seasons and walks. But it’s fun and we’re learning a lot from each other. And growing closer together. It’s a pretty special little group.

9. Girl’s Weekend. There’s this little group of five of us that used to be tight-knit. We’d get together for fun, for prayer, for support. Then one of us moved to Nashville (ahem-Supa C) and then another of us moved to North Carolina (ahem-me), and life interrupted and we haven’t seen each other all together in years. But just this week, we finally confirmed a girl’s weekend together! It’s not until June, but I’m very (VERY) excited about it, and wish it were sooner. I miss them all like crazy, and miss our times together even more.

10. More Writing. I’ve recently had the opportunity to do more writing, which has been a much-needed outlet for me. It’s really pumping my creative juices and helping me resolve things internally. It’s so funny how the more you do something, the more you want to do it. Unless it’s cleaning or cooking or laundry. You know.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll ease your PMS symptoms and help you breathe better at night. For shizzle.

7 thoughts on “Thanksday #50

  1. When Christians feel the need to give their opinions on what they feel God desires and can't provide scripture for confirmation it is irresponsible. "Living Free" I feel your judgement and opinion lacks Biblical backing. What you feel is good for your family may not be the same for another, God has a plan for all individuals (Jer. 29:11). God gives us the freedom to choose (Gen 2:16). That is how we develop our faith. If she chooses to have one child, two children, seven children or no children that is a choice that our gracious God gives us. You are right about one thing, children are a blessing (Psalm 127:3-5). But it does not say what a "quiver" is and also does not say people who don't will not be blessed. Again it is irresponsible for you to judge what and who God will bless based on an amount of children or desire to have or not have. Please, as a Christian woman, refrain from espousing opinion unless you have true Biblical sources. Thats having true faith in God!! His Word does not return void.

  2. Living Free…I think you make a good point about the "attitudes of the heart" concerning motherhood. Alot of those attitudes I'm sure are " hormonal", stress, and fatigue. Truth be told I am sure most Christian mothers take their roles very seriously before God. Surely children are God's opinion that the world should go on. Be fruitful and multiply, however, we should not compare ourselves to each other. Sarah had only ONE child, Isaac, the promised son, and what a promise it was! If she was to have many, then God would have given her more. She had a special child in Isaac. We should not sit in the seat of judgement with our sisters in ChristGasps has a different plan for each of us; different desires for each of us. It is true that where His will is, His provision is. It's just that His will is not the same for every female in Him. We are not clones of each other, rather unique, special, gifted individuals with a purpose and a plan for each one's life. God Bless you in yours!

  3. Thanks for your understanding. It was actually the sentence you deleted that sparked my comment. As the post reads now I would have seen the humor. That last sentence spoke volumes of how you'd rather have a non-eternal pet than invest the time and energy to raise up an eternal soul. Reminds me of the verse that talks about our hearts being wicked and deceitful and the other verse about how our mouth speaks from the wells of our heart. You are right we will not agree on this, and I do not see this as a gray area. It all goes back to do we believe God and His word or do we believe mans knowledge. My pregnancies have been difficult. I have lost a child. I could come up with thousands of reasons to not have more children. God says they are blessings. I believe Him. God says He will provide and equip. I believe Him. The reason we believe this is a grey area is bc of the humanistic culture we live in, grew up in and were educated in. We believe in the opinion and teachings of experts more than God. If you and your husband were to review your decision and look at the root reasons you made that decision I'm sure you would uncover selfishness, fear, lack of faith among others. Those are the same issues my husband and I have struggled with over the years as we've continued to have children. None of us are exempt from such feelings. I do see your humor in most of your posts and enjoy reading your posts. I know you are a woman who loves God and her family. May God bless you and continually draw you closer to Him. Thank you for your graciousness. Thankful for His Continual refining in all our lives.

  4. Love your posts! I so get and enjoy your humor. I also get the peace that comes when you know your quiver is full! You are raising some mighty warriors that will rise and call you blessed! I also get the whispers, as Rejection has had lots to say to me & has been hindering the joy of walking through God ordained doors. The Lord used your graphic on He Restores My Soul to literally take my breath & remind me that it is Mercy, not Rejection, who follows me now , and I finally felt peace about moving forward. Thank you. I feel like you are a heart friend, and I look forward to spending more time with you! Hope it wasn't my cooking that made Paxton sick! :(Love you! Cynthia

  5. Thanks for your feedback — while I disagree, I do appreciate your honesty. This is a gray area for a lot of Christians…many of my friends and I feel the same way…and many feel like you do. All I can tell you is that we had, and continue to have, an immense amount of peace about that decision. After a couple miscarriages, followed by a difficult pregnancy and delivery with my youngest…I just knew that was it. It was a very personal decision that honestly should have remained private. I've since deleted that sentence in my post. I in no way intended to create any kind of controversy, and don't intend to debate it ad nauseum — we probably will never agree. That's not the point or intent whatsoever. I was trying to be funny – and often fail when I do that. :) Thanks for your understanding – God bless!

  6. I'm sorry you had a rough week and I don't mean to pick on you but I find your point on puppy hood vs motherhood very disturbing. The bible clearly states that children are a blessing. You and your husband obviously chose to limit God blessing you in this area. I find it tragic and disturbing that so many Christians have this mindset. At what point did we decide to reject God's blessings and wisdom and chose instead to accept mans view on this. We don't tell God no when it comes to Him blessing us with money or material wealth. The one blessing God gives is that has an eternal value we reject, say no thanks, I've got other plans and goals fo my life. I'll take all of God's blessings. Give motherhood anyday over puppyhood even if it means sleepless nights, whining, crying. Nursing, dirty diapers and 10 months of feeling like crap as my body stretches. Even if it means no time to minister to anyone but my family and do laundry. Those precious children that He entrusts to us are tools in His hand to mold and form is into His image. It wasn't until I had children that I realized what a selfish, angry, impatient, unkind person I was. I don't have 7 children bc I love everything about being a mother and think it is all fun. I don't have 7 children bc I am super patient and kind. I have 7 children because that is what God blessed me with, actually he blessed me with 8 but chose to take one of them to heaven shortly after birth. He did bless me with the privilege of raising 7 and He does equip me, just like He says in His word that He will thoroughly equip us for every good work. He provIdes for our needs, jus like He says He will. It is time the church take God at His word, throw out mans opinions and ideals and embrace life and children and then we will have ground to stand on as we fight the atrocitity of abortion. We are merely hypocrits until the church accepts children as a blessing and stops accepting mans knowledge over Gods wisdom. Stepping off my pedestal now. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings. I don't know you personally and am not judging your character. I am just pointing out the sadness of the fact that as Christians we've denied Gods blessings and embraced the culture of humanism.

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