Thanksday #48

Santa brought a puppy for Christmas. Did you know that? His name is Luke, and he’s precious. He’s a puppy…so you know, he’s got some energy. But overall he’s a pretty mellow, calm and low-key dog. It’s more work than I expected — this puppy-ness stuff — but fortunately dogs grow and mature at warp speed so it’s not like it’ll last forever.

(Please tell me it doesn’t last forever.)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve Thanksday’d. I should call this post Bloggy Resurrection. It’s not for lack of thankfulness, for sure. It’s just been this DOG. I suddenly have so much less free time — the precious two hours Paxton’s napping is now full of feeding the dog lunch, taking him out for a walk, watching he doesn’t chew up my rugs or pee in the house…so my computer time has been cut waaaaaay down. Of course, I know this is temporary. But to say it’s been an adjustment is like saying I drink a little bit of coffee.

As we’ve spent these past few weeks adjusting to a new addition to the family, I’ve got things to be thankful for I hadn’t expected. And if a lot of them revolve around the dog, I’m sorry.

(And a lot of them revolve around the dog.)

(So I’m sorry.)

Things I’m thankful for this week and new year:

1. Luke. Honestly, I had my first meltdown of frustration with the dog today. But really, I do love him. I just didn’t like him so much this morning. But then I look at this face, and how can I not melt?

2. Tall and Skinny Shadows. I love anything that makes me look tall and skinny. And like I’m wearing bellbottoms. Stayin’ alive, people. Stayin’ alive.

3. Mandatory Fresh Air and Exercise. The dog, you know. I HAVE to take him out to walk even if it’s freezing cold and even if I really, REALLY don’t want to. And once I’m out there, I’m so grateful for the sunshine, the fresh air and the activity. Once he gets really leash trained well, I can’t wait to take him running.

3. Text Message Conversations That Make Me Cry With Laughter. I have a friend that used to say “high kicks!” and then would high kick with any exciting news or general happiness. And she’d make you do it too. Over the years the high kicks have died down (low kicks, you could say), but recently via text she started leaving smiley face emoticons that have two parentheses — a Double Chin Grin, it seems.

During a recent text conversation, I asked her about the Double Chin Grin, and she replied that they were “Super Smiles.”

To which I retorted, “Is this the high kicks of emoticons?”

And both of us, hours apart and only via text message, were at home on our couches dying laughing with tears streaming down our faces.

Even as I type this now, I’m realizing it’s not that funny. But at the moment, I couldn’t contain it and even got the hiccups.

Guess you had to be there.

4. Glorious Sunrises. Morning walks have been so calming and peaceful, and a great way to start the day. We have an amazing neighborhood full of natural beauty and tons of places to explore. And some phenomenal views of the sunrise. There’s a farm nearby, and on our morning walks I get to hear the birds singing, the donkeys braying, the bull snorting and the llamas llama-ing (what do llamas do?). It’s lovely, dah-ling. Just lovely.

5. Jesus. Something reminded me recently of how easy it is to say you believe in God…but how the name of Jesus can be left out of the equation entirely. It made me wonder if that grieves the Father, and if so, how much? And I was convicted that I don’t do a good enough job giving praise and honor to the Son, to Christ…and don’t proclaim enough that it’s all because of Jesus, and for Jesus, and through Jesus, and in Jesus. There’s probably a deeper post coming about this. Until then, it’s sufficient to say I’m thankful for Him. Without Him, I’d be nothing.

6. The Most Perfect Surprise Christmas Gift that Came Directly from My Favorite Things Post. And most grateful to the thoughtful friend who gave it. Incredible.

7. These Two. They make me laugh so hard. And they adore each other. Only Jaana would climb into a leafless tree and call it a fort, and only Paxton would risk poking his eye out to follow her in there.

8. Snow Days. It’s snowing. Right now…as you read! There was a snow day last Tuesday; then it jumped up to 60-degrees. And now it’s snowing again. Call me crazy, but if it’s mid-January, it should be snowing. And never over 40-degrees. I love it.

9. KPLU. The jazz station from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. I adored this station growing up, and just found they have an app. And now I can listen anytime, anywhere. And the traffic and weather updates from home make me happy. The only thing that would be better is finding a WKRP app so I could listen to Venus Flytrap late night.

10. iPhone Reminders. Or as Jaana calls them, “ramadars.” Back in my BlackBerry days (BiP, as I call it), I used to always put tasks on my calendar so I could have the alarm pop up to remind me of my things to do. But hello? A cluttered and full calendar freaks me out. It’s pure genius that the iPhone has reminders. GEN-IUS.

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below or link up with Candra. It’ll keep you from yelling in frustration when your dog pees in the house.

Not that I have any experience with that.