Galatians 6:2 (Week 14)

Sorry everyone. I had this set up to post automatically, but somehow picked next month instead of Monday. At any rate, hope you’re still up for praying!

Praise reports:
Okay, so I haven’t received any praise reports for the first time since I started this weekly post. Soooo…either we start praying harder, or y’all start reporting the praises back to me!

New requests:
1. K is having surgery on Wednesday to biopsy her kidneys. She’s in kidney failure and the biopsy will determine if there is an urgent need for a transplant. She is very young, married with a son. Please pray for healing, for peace and for all fear to flee.

2. K has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is having surgery on Thursday. Pray for God’s hand to guide the surgeons, for healing and for peace for her and all her family.

3. J has just had his third back surgery, but is not recovering as he should be. He’s in a tremendous amount of pain and doctors are trying to determine the cause. He is young and has a wife and two kids, all who are suffering with him. Pray for healing for him and for peace for his family.

4. C is back on drugs and alcohol and is daily risking the opportunity to get her infant son out of foster care. Pray for freedom from her addictions, for God’s supernatural strength to help turn her life around for her and her son’s sake.

5. S needs prayer for his job. Fall and winter is a slow time of year for his business, and this year is no exception. Pray for provision for him as he and his wife prepare for the arrival of their first child.

Ongoing requests:

1. J has an unspecified need for herself and her family. God knows the need, let’s just pray and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede as necessary.

2. J, A & S are pregnant. Pray for the health and wellness of the babies and mothers. Pray for their families as they prepare to welcome first grandchildren into the fold. 

3. D needs healing from schizophrenia, bulging discs and deliverance from drugs.

4. N needs physical and emotional and financial healing, as well as direction for God’s purpose for her life.

5. Salvation for S, K and M. Pray for an unmistakable signs from God for all of them.

6. Continue to pray for K as she cares for her niece and nephew. She needs provision and wisdom daily.

7. Pray for the W’s and E’s as they wait on the Lord for the gift of a child.

Do you have something our little community can pray for? Please click where it says “comments” below and let us know your request. If your request is for another person, please use first initials for privacy. We also want to celebrate answers to prayer, so please post a comment updating us on God’s answers as they come.

If you don’t have a request but want to participate, then will you join me in committing to pray for the requests that appear each week? Leave a prayer in the comments for any one specific request, leave a general prayer or anything else God prompts you to pray.

You can dedicate Mondays to prayer on your site, too. Grab the button and make Mondays a prayerful and purposeful start to your week. Leave a comment to let me know you’re linking up and let’s blow up the internet with prayer and praise reports.

And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought to always pray and not lose heart. (Luke 18:1, ESV)

May we never lose heart, Lord. Never lose heart.

Be blessed this week and always.

One thought on “Galatians 6:2 (Week 14)

  1. Psalm 141:1,2Lord, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee. Let my prayer be set before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

Does this resonate with you?

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