Galatians 6:2 (Week 13)

In church yesterday, our pastor was talking about Revelation 1:15, and how the apostle John saw the resurrected Christ and “his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.” He went on to say that a river rushes over rocks all day, every day, and that over time the water changes the rocks that it touches. And how Christ’s voice does the same – it changes that which it touches over time.

It made stop and realize that I haven’t done a very good job about allowing His voice to touch me. I’ve been spending these past 13 weeks focusing on prayer requests from these postings, as well as my own requests…but I haven’t taken time to listen well. I’ve dammed up the rushing water, wondering why He isn’t drowning out the noise and chaos and confusion. 

The answer is simple. I haven’t allowed it.

I wonder if I’m the only one in this place? Do you get caught up in the talking part of praying, and neglect the listening? It’s so easy for me to do that — to throw up prayers as I’m cleaning or driving or cooking — but carving out time to listen requires things of me that are difficult for me to give: quietness, stillness and time. I have them to give, but I keep a tight grip on them. I don’t know why.

My challenge for myself this week is to create opportunities to simply listen to the voice that’s like rushing water. To feel it’s refreshing flow, to drink it with an insatiable thirst, to immerse myself in it and swim with the current.

Will you join me?

Praise reports this week:

1) The B’s have found a home to rent nearby work and their community of friends!

2) C delivered a beautiful baby girl this week, and mom and baby are doing beautifully!

New requests:

1) B needs strength and endurance day-to-day as her husband travels extensively for work. Pray for a relieved load of work and stress for her.

2) J is dealing with a sudden and critical health issue with her mom. She needs strength, wisdom and peace as she makes difficult decisions in the upcoming weeks and months.

3) S is having a very difficult marital situation. Pray for supernatural wisdom and peace for the situation.

Ongoing requests:

1) J has an unspecified need for herself and her family. God knows the need, let’s just pray and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede as necessary.

2) K has just started medication to slow the possibility of needing a transplant. There is no option of getting pregnant while on the medication due to possible birth defects. She also will be starting medication for a thyroid issue. Please pray for healing of her body, mind and spirit during this frustrating and fearful time.

3) J has some medical issues that are needing a watchful eye. Pray for healing.

4) A needs emotional healing for various circumstances.

5) G needs assurance and peace.

6) J, A & S are pregnant. Pray for the health and wellness of the babies and mothers. Pray for their families as they prepare to welcome first grandchildren into the fold. 

7) D needs healing from schizophrenia, bulging discs and deliverance from drugs.

8) N needs physical and emotional and financial healing.

9) N needs direction for God’s purposes and plans for her life.

10) Salvation for S, K and M. Pray for an unmistakable signs from God for all of them.

11) Continue to pray for K as she cares for her niece and nephew. She needs provision and wisdom daily.

12) Pray for the W’s and E’s as they wait on the Lord for the gift of a child.

Do you have something our little community can pray for? Please click where it says “comments” below and let us know your request. If your request is for another person, please use first initials for privacy. We also want to celebrate answers to prayer, so please post a comment updating us on God’s answers as they come.

If you don’t have a request but want to participate, then will you join me in committing to pray for the requests that appear each week? Leave a prayer in the comments for any one specific request, leave a general prayer or anything else God prompts you to pray.

You can dedicate Mondays to prayer on your site, too. Grab the button and make Mondays a prayerful and purposeful start to your week. Leave a comment to let me know you’re linking up and let’s blow up the internet with prayer and praise reports.

O God, hear my prayer; give ear to the words of my mouth.” (Psalm 54:2, ESV)

Hear us as we intercede, Lord.

Be blessed this week and always.

One thought on “Galatians 6:2 (Week 13)

  1. My pregnancy is going well. Thanks for everyone's prayers.Please pray for my husband's job. Fall/Winter is normally a slow time for commercial work and that is the case again this year. He has not had work in 2 weeks (this week makes 3). Please pray for God to prosper the company right now to sustain him and other co-workers through this tough spell.

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