Thanksday #42

Two months until Christmas, y’all. TWO MONTHS. I know it’s coming every single year, yet it sneaks up on me like my hair’s outgrown roots. Like a 7:00 am wake up. Like a sick kid’s runny nose and fever. Like…

You get the idea.

Needless to say I’m so very UNPREPARED for the holidays. And so, in order to feel like I have some semblance of control, I made a list of gift ideas for all the people we need to buy for. Unfortunately, if all goes according to past history, the list will sit untouched until approximately December 18. At which point I’ll realize it’s too late to ship to the West Coast without incurring tens of extra dollars in overnight fees.

But then realize if I order that day before midnight I can ensure it gets there.

Thus incurring fives of extra dollars in overnight fees.

(Up close and personal with a Real Housewife of Western North Carolina, people. Keepin’ it real.)

But I am thankful that the holiday season has begun, and for many, many other things this week:

(How’s THAT for a transition?)

1) Prayers. I’m so very, very grateful that I have the freedom to pray. And I’m so very, very grateful that my prayers specifically go Somewhere and to Someone. To God. I’ve seen and heard way too often lately the phrases, “I’m sending positive energy” or “sending thoughts your way.” And I don’t want to be critical or judgmental at all…but I have to say, I don’t know what that means. And if I’m being honest, it brings no comfort to me. I know you mean well, but it falls empty into my God-craving soul. Even more uber-honestly, if someone asks for energy or thoughts to be sent their way, I have no idea how to do that. I possess exactly zero supernatural ability to channel my energies across the country or vast oceans. And I’m unable to get my thoughts to go anywhere other than onto a page in which I’m type-vomiting. So instead, if you request such things, I’ll pray instead. Because I know He hears, and I know He answers. And if you have a problem with that, too bad. You can’t stop me.

2) Soapboxes. Because it’s my blog and I’ll preach if I want to.

3) Long, Overdue Phone Calls with Old Friends. And the squeals of delight when I’m told they’re pregnant.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a good phone talker. In fact, I’m downright pitiful. I think because all I did in high school (other than tease my bangs) was spend hours on my own private phone line in my room. Regardless, I don’t talk well on the phone now that I’m an old bitty.

This past week I spent close to an hour getting caught up with one particular friend, and I started wondering if part of the reason I don’t talk to my Wesssside peeps much is because it hurts too much. I really, really miss all my homies. (And I’m talkin’ ghetto because it’s a defense mechanism.) (I’m very in tune with my inner Id, Ego and Super Ego.) And when we talk and laugh and catch up, it reminds me we don’t live close anymore, and our kids don’t know each other, and it just pretty much stinks.

4) Parent-Teacher Conferences. I love hearing from Jaana’s teachers how she’s doing on a regular basis, and we had her first conference for 2nd grade this week. We got to hear both her strengths and her weaknesses…and made me realize even more that now is the time for me to pull away from some things in order to really be present and focus on her right now. It was a great conference, and she’s doing superbly…but she’s not perfect. And 7-going-on-14 is a hard age. And 2nd grade is a hard grade…the expectations went from low to high the first day of school. It was good confirmation to me that now’s the time to invest and focus on much deeper levels in order to help her be the best person she can be. And that what we do now will impact her as an adult. Raising people is so much harder than “having babies” y’all. It just is.

5) Baptisms. Jaana’s cousin got baptized this weekend, and we went down to The Big City to be there for it. So very sweet and special. Nothing brings you to tears quicker than a 9 year-old saying an emphatic “YES!” when asked if she’s accepted Jesus as her Savior. Nothing.

6) Happy Hairs. I was able to squeeze in to see my Hair Guy and get the long-awaited trim and highlight. He’s picked himself up some fancy new techniques, and I left the salon with my hair swinging and laying so superbly I felt like a super star. Naturally, I have been frustratingly unable to replicate said swinging and laying at home, so it looks like nothing was done to it. But I fondly remember those precious few hours before I went to bed, and how fancy it looked. (Sigh.)

7) Doctor’s Appointments. I have not seen one doctor up here on this mountain in the two years we’ve lived here. The only doctor I’ve seen in that time was my Baby Doctor down in The Big City. I decided it was about time to get a regular, ol’ visit in so I can get the rest of me checked out and fully functional. My uterus was such a doctor hog for a few years there. Sheesh.

8) Greg. He’s so blessed me this week, wanting to provide and working so hard and all that good stuff. Plus, he’s pretty hot. I got no complaints, ladies. Not a one.

9) iOS 5. I’m telling on myself here by saying I’m 87 shades of green of people that have the iPhone 4S with Siri. Seriously. It’s bordering on a dangerous obsession. But I updated my iPhone 4 this week with the iOS 5 software, and the improvements have downgraded my jealousy to about a solid 43 shades of green. The upgrades are pretty sweet, I have to say. And now with the whole iCloud thing going on with my computer, I’m giddily ecstatic that all my stuff is seamlessly synching with no plugging in and such. And with the Photo Stream option, I can now get rid of all 1,384 pictures on my phone and free up some space. (Sadly, I’m not kidding.)

10) Pepper Jack Cheeze-Its. I have a serious addiction to the Cheeze-It lately. And Pepper Jack does not disappoint. Even the kids love them, and Paxton runs around asking for the ‘picey cackas. (Spicy crackers.) New treat fave!

Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below, or link up with Candra. It’ll make you keep you from paying overnight shipping charges and save you tens of dollars.

Sending lots of prayers y’alls way!

3 thoughts on “Thanksday #42

  1. Please don't bring up Christmas. I am so not ready. How do you prepare for baby and Christmas at the same time? I am overwhelmed!!

    I am equally as grateful to be able to freely pray. No energy or thoughts from me–just prayer.

    Like you, I had a hair appointment (Lindsey) this week. You feel glorious when you leave and can NEVER duplicate it. So frustrating!!

    I am thankful this week for Consignment Stores. We hit the jackpot last week with maternity clothes and a glider rocker. Wohoo!!

  2. After 10 years at the same hair cut lady—i went to a new place two days ago—and I really really like it! It's not too much change, but maybe next time I'll go crazier, ha ha. Who am I kidding? I'm that lady on Oprah who has had the same haircut for like 3 decades!

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