Thanksday #41

Yes, I am aware that today is Friday. I’m also aware that Thanksdays are posted on Thursdays. You might think I was just late, when really I’m making a statement about how we need to maintain an attitude of gratitude (sorry, couldn’t help myself) more than once a week. And my lack of posting this yesterday shouldn’t keep you from expressing thanks in your own life.
But really, I was late.
Holy snow flurries, Batman! The weather turned quickly and we woke up yesterday with little, bitty, tiny snow flurries. I LOVE IT. Of course it won’t last, but it made me wish we had Christmas music on while driving to school this morning.
I spent this past week thinking I was about to get sick, but never did. Great immune system or God’s grace? Or the inordinate amount of sleeping I took advantage of? At any rate, I think I’m out of the woods. (And naturally, since I’ve now put that in writing, I’ll be on the sick bed with bed sores in about 72 hours.) But since I was convinced I was getting sick, I have a confession to make:
I skipped church on Sunday. 
I just couldn’t help ma-self. It was the first Sunday in ages there was no choir, and I wasn’t helping in another area. And given one chance to stay in PJs and lounge around (focusing on health and wellness, natch), I had to snatch it. And snatch it bald-headed I did. I didn’t bring eternal damnation on everyone, thank goodness. Greg still went, and Jaana went with him. Just me and the dude chillin’, drinkin’ coffee (me) and watching Mickey (him). 
Good times. 
Praise God.
And with a very abrupt and awkward transition, let’s give thanks!
1) Mommy-Daughter Activities. I had signed up to do a local 5K that was this past Saturday, and Jaana was determined to do it with me. EVEN after bringing to her attention the 6:15 am wake up call she’d have, she was in. It was a beautiful but blustery cold morning, but we were ready. We ended up walking a good bit, but we did run some, and finished great. She really, really loved it and wants to do more. It makes me so tickled that this is something she’s enjoying doing.
2) Visits from Our Girls. One of our college girls came back for Fall Break this week, and we got to spend a night getting filled in on freshman life. Another one is coming over tonight for the same thing, and her twin sister came back to surprise her at our house! We had so much fun last night. It’s like I’m reliving my first year of college again, being with them. I’m all nostalgic about college every time we talk. (But they’re doing it the right way. They aren’t knuckle-heads like I was.)
3) More Festivals. We took the kids to a nearby Apple Festival over the weekend. Oddly enough, we saw no apples, apple pies, apple cider or apple treats. To which Jaana kept saying she’s sure we were in the wrong ‘ville. (Waynesville, Hendersonville, YesWeHaveNoApplesVille.) I assured her no, we were not, because I checked The Google and The Internet is never wrong. Regardless we did have pumpkin fudge. That was gross. But the best part was seeing Santa, and watching both kids run up to him. Paxton gave him a high-five, and even posed for a picture. Lovin’ it.
4) Highlights. The rootage situation is out of control, my friends. I’ve done all the masquerading I can do. It’s simply out of my hands at this point. Fortunately, I’m going to The Big City for the weekend. More fortunately, my hair guy was able to squeeze me in by the skin of our collective teeth. I can hear all my follicles cheering away. “Color me! Color me!” is the rally cry. Soon, my loves, soon.
5) Impromptu Dinners Out. I will be the first to admit I’ve stooped to new lows in the kitchen recently. Even so, I was all set to make a highly mediocre dinner this week, when Greg called and said let’s meet somewhere to eat. I barely hung up before we were pulling out of the driveway with squealing tires, leaving a wake of dust behind. It’s not that we never eat out…it would be a hobby if we lived somewhere I didn’t need a spreadsheet to figure who was open at any given day and time. (And kept that Money Tree watered.) What made it so special, though, was the last-minute-ness that saved us all from my poor meal planning. That’s a good man. (Or a hungry one.)
6) New TV. There’s a lot of new shows out right now, but most aren’t worth watching. (And to be honest, while I very much enjoy James Spader on The Office, I still miss Michael Scott.) Nevertheless, there are a couple new shows that I’m finding myself enjoying. The first is PanAm. I love the 60s, Mad Men vibe, the clothes, the way of life. It’s probably going to take a couple months for it to really find its groove, but so far, I’m intrigued. The other is Up All Night. I like Christina Applegate, and you can’t go wrong with Will Arnett (his crazy deep normal speaking voice is hilarious). But what really does it for me on this show is Maya Rudolph. That chick is awesome. 
7) Secret Keeper Girls. So a bazillion of my friends (or three) have taken their 8-12 year old daughters through this program called Secret Keeper Girls. Read this from the website: “A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends and she embraces Godly beauty. So, she keeps the deepest secrets of her beauty for just one man. But she also knows she can share all of her heart secrets with her mom at any time. The coolest thing for you to know is that a Secret Keeper Girl is a masterpiece created by God.” Yes and please and thank you very much. There’s a study, a devotional and specific dates that you take your daughter on, with specific discussion topics and such. Jaana turns eight in February. Happy birthday, baby! You’re going to be a Secret Keeper Girl.
8) Siri. I don’t have the iPhone 4S (yet), but if I did, I’d be thankful for Siri. (If I put it out there, it shall come to pass. Maybe.)
9) Mommy’s Little Helpers. Jaana has this new Responsibility Chart, and she’s all about the reward system. One of her responsibilities is helping with indoor chores, so she got started this week and Paxton couldn’t be left out, either. Love their helping hearts. 
10) Laughter. Life’s too short to not spend it laughing with the ones you love. There was a lot of that this week. It makes my insides smile.
Your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for this week and share the love. Leave a comment below, or link up with Candra. It’ll make you thankful on a Friday and keep you from illness. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Thanksday #41

  1. I have so many comments i can't remember them all—

    i want to watch Up All Night, but haven't yet

    I think that guy is weird and creepy on the office—totally miss michael

    That Secret club sounds sweet- and so does mommy daughter 5K

    Yay for chores and snow flurry!

  2. You will have to tell me your secrets on how to get children to help clean. I will start as early as possible :)

    The pix of the kids with Santa was priceless!

    I am very familiar with the Secret Keeper program. I have done a workshop twice at an all girls camp weekend. There is so much worthwhile information in it.

    I am thankful this week that another doctor's appointment went well. Baby is growing on track and all tests so far are great. Praise the Lord!

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